Multiscription secures $1.6M in new funding round as its “Unleashd” subscription service sees rapid growth

Unleashd enhances current free-to-play revenue streams!

A new round of funding has been raised by Multiscription, the Danish mobile gaming startup to promote the expansion of its Unleashd service, a subscription-based replacement for current free-to-play marketing and monetization. With additional funding from Sweden’s Tigrim and The Danish Growth Fund, a state-backed, independent fund that invests in Danish start-ups, this most recent $1.6 million investment was headed by Sisu Game Ventures. This is the organization behind the €800,000 ($9,43,724) investment that was previously mentioned for September 2021.

According to a report, Subscription-based gaming will see the fastest growth in the coming few years

According to recent report from Grand View Research, subscription-based gaming will be worth $24.1 billion annually by 2030, with mobile gaming forecast to expand at the fastest rate of any platform, at 16.8 percent annually. Mobile devices are extremely common, and in areas like India, Brazil, and most of Asia, customers primarily use them as gaming platforms.

Unleashd is a unique subscription service for mobile games. It offers developers and publishers an alternative to current free-to-play (F2P) monetization that works in conjunction with their current revenue streams. Mobile game producers can quickly add their titles to the Unleashd subscription app. This allows users to play games without annoying commercials and have access to premium features like character upgrades, score multipliers, and exclusive in-game rewards. For seven days, Unleashd is free for gamers to try out; after that, the monthly subscription fee is 4.99 Euros.

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The monthly subscription now includes 22 games. It has to Conduct This!, Bonfire 2, and the recently added Tiny Rails from Trophy Games; other games are constantly being added.

This new funding will enable Multiscription to extend its platform and enhance the technology

The funding is essential to Multiscription’s growth objectives since it enables the business to extend the Unleashd platform development team and improve the technology used to integrate new developers and their games.

This additional money is a huge endorsement of our efforts to convince mobile game producers that there are other monetization options. It will enable us to expand our workforce and technological capabilities and improve our in-game monetization design capabilities, which we give to our publisher partners to develop the finest subscription deals. On top of that, we are working for the iOS debut in early 2023.

Teis Mikkelsen, co-founder and CEO, Multiscription

Samuli Syvähuoko, the founding partner of Sisu Game Ventures, said, “More than half of all game profits worldwide come from mobile gaming. But little has changed in terms of how game publishers make money from their titles. Unleashd takes a subscription model that we are aware consumers prefer and gives it a mobile-first twist to offer a novel method of discovery and revenue”. He added, “We are excited by what Teis and the team are doing and its potential to challenge the F2P status quo.”

Publishers using the service are still able to offer rewarded advertisements and in-app purchases. However, Unleashd gives them the chance to make additional subscriber-only exclusive offerings.

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