Murder By Choice: Nordcurrent’s puzzle adventure title is now available on Android and iOS

Put on your detective hat and get ready to solve a mystery!

The Murder By Choice hidden object adventure, now available on Android and iOS, has its first complete chapter out today thanks to mobile game developer and publisher Nordcurrent. The free-to-play game places players in the role of journalist-turned-detective Carla Page and features a branching storyline with plenty of twists and turns. Players assume the role of the teenage detective and must follow a trail of hints to solve a murder on a distant tropical island where they have become stuck due to a violent storm.

Help detective Carla Page solve the mystery in Murder By Choice

The action starts when charismatic Chilean millionaire Ruben Navarro unexpectedly invites journalist Carla Page from Murder by Choice to his opulent party on a secluded island. Carla has scheduled a time to enjoy the festivities, but someone else has scheduled a time to meet their maker!

Plans are upset by a tragic murder, which is made worse by the entrance of a violent tropical storm that keeps the visitors – and the murderer – from leaving the island. A multitude of mini-games and riddles dotted about the island in Murder By Choice make sure players stay sharp at all times.

By engaging in a variety of interactions and dialogue options, players must put on their detective caps and speak to the other guests in order to reduce the list of suspects. Every decision Carla makes will have an effect on how the tale develops. Some actions have more obvious consequences than others, but each one will affect how this suspenseful whodunnit plays out.

Players can put on their thinking caps and start solving the case now

Since the team at Nordcurrent received praise for its debut hidden object game, Murder in the Alps, creating games about mystery and murder is simple. Over 20 million people downloaded it, and it received numerous accolades, including being voted Best Casual Game 2018 by Google Play.

Murder By Choice
Image via Nordcurrent

In addition, Murder in the Alps was a nominee for the 2019 Central and Eastern European Game Awards’ Best Narrative and Best Mobile Game categories (CEEGA). The first chapter in the Murder By Choice mystery is available now for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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Petty potat

Carla is not a detective. She’s a reporter. Also you can only play 2 minutes at a time before you run out of energy, then have to wait till the next day for it to fill up again. You can’t watch ads to earn energy. You can’t buy a pass for unlimited energy. You don’t get a lot of energy for how high the prices are.

Last edited 23 days ago by Petty potat

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