Mushroom Saga: New World is a fun strategy game now available as early access for Android

Time for some mushrooms!

Mushroom Saga: New World is an entertaining mushroom-filled strategy experience, which is currently accessible through early access for Android users. The game is a presentation from the company JJFuture which has created some other experiences like Fishing GoGo, Wandering Castle, etc.

Embark on a captivation realm of a new online slot

In Mushroom Saga: New World, online slot players are invited to immerse themselves in a captivating realm teeming with mushrooms, embarking on an unending odyssey filled with potential and excitement, all while indulging in the thrill of strategic battles. As commanders of mushroom citadels within this fantastical world, players take charge of their armies, surmounting diverse challenges and showcasing their strategic acumen.

As players seek resources and expand their territories, they’re tasked with forming a strong team of mushroom heroes. These heroes, grown from collected spores, can become skilled experts. By combining regular mushroom troops with these special heroes, players create a powerful force to defeat enemies. This fun is something exactly like you have with Casino games.

Mushroom Saga gameplay
Image via JJFuture

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Exploring challenges is the fun bit in Mushroom Saga: New World

While exploring space rifts, players face challenges and opportunities for progress. In battles against other mushroom commanders, only the bravest emerge victorious. Success in these exciting battles requires careful preparation and strategic thinking.

Experience real-time combat that affords exceptional flexibility. Crafting strategies alongside allies, players guide their mushroom armies through awe-inspiring landscapes, coordinating the deployment of mushroom hero skills to defend their homeland.

Mushroom Saga gameplay
Image via JJFuture

Venturing into the battlefield of space rifts and vast expanses, players take on horrifying Monsters. The key to triumph lies in selecting kindred allies. Establishing or joining alliances, cooperating with allies,  and uniting against adversaries leads to dominance. Supported by their alliances, players’ mushroom kingdoms reign supreme in the world of mushrooms.

The mushroom citadel acts as a sanctuary for all mushrooms and spores, nurturing their growth and reproduction. Players meticulously plan citadel development, ensuring thoughtful construction, proper upgrades, and the creation of a flourishing mushroom kingdom.

The early access period for the game has ended, however, at this time, specific details regarding the global release date and the availability of the game on iOS platforms have not been disclosed. Players are encouraged to stay tuned for further updates on these aspects.

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