My Darkest Moment is an upcoming title from the makers of Soul Knight

Get to know about the life of a guy living under tremendous emotional weight

My Darkest Moment is a brand new game from Chinese Indie game developer Chillyroom, the makers of hit games like Soul Knight, Otherworld Legends, etc. It’s not a normal game player comes across every day as it has a very dark tone to it and comes with a very depressing and gloomy aesthetic. My Darkest Moment has recently opened for pre-registration for Android.

My Darkest Moment is a short and simple game, but it is quite profound. It is a unique solitude simulator. This game might surprise the players as it has a surprising amount of emotional weight attached to it, and not everyone can handle it.

Venture through the darkness in the everyday life of a depressed person

In this game, the protagonist is not perfect and full of good qualities like in other games, they are certainly not blessed or have anything good going on for them. Instead, they are excluded from everything like gatherings and plans, they are very depressed and are also stuck in a web of continuous internal suffering.

My Darkest Moment gameplay
Image via Chillyroom

Now coming to the actual premise and gameplay through which the players actually need to go through in the game. The game revolves around the life of the depressed protagonist,  players will have to live their life through the game. They will have to journey through bustling streets full of people but still alone, trudge among crowds wearing masks hiding the pain and loneliness, and step by step walk into the devouring darkness which is resting inside the mind of the protagonist.

The game highlights the hardships faced by people on a daily basis

This game is about the hardships depressed people face and will help players to get an idea of what they go through on a daily basis. The hero of the game is lost, he is intertwined between the pictures of the real world and their illusion and is forgetting which one is real and which one is not.

My Darkest Moment makes the players question themselves whether they are ready to jump in and the authentic self, the darkness, and loneliness of the protagonist. The developers have tried a very unique take at a game, and it’ll be interesting to watch how players react to it.

The game is currently available for pre-registration only on Android and there has not been any news yet regarding the iOS release. Interested Android users can pre-register for the game from Google Play Store here.

Are you excited for My Darkest Moment pre-registration on Android? Let us know in the comments below!

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