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My Time at Portia: Highly acclaimed farming simulator is coming to mobile

Over the past couple of weeks, mobile gamers have been seeing some popular PC and console games making their way to Android and iOS. Many developers have said that the mobile platform has evolved in the gaming industry, so they’re trying as much as possible to optimize and launch some of their best releases on Android and iOS. And this time, mobile users will be getting their hands on the famous My time at Portia, a popular farming RPG simulator.

Chinese mobile gaming community TapTap recently held a gaming conference where they hosted and leaked the release of a lot of upcoming android & iOS games, and one of them was ‘My time at Portia’.

When did ‘My time at Portia’ first release?

‘My time at Portia’ is developed by Pathea Games and published by Team 17 Digital Limited. The amazing-looking farming simulator first arrived on PC in early 2019, and it didn’t take long to make its way to console later that year.

My Time at Portia PC Launch Trailer

Gameplay & Story of the game

The game allows you to play as a local farm boy who is starting life afresh in a beautiful, and colourful city named Portia. Your objective in the game is to work and try to restore your family workshop to its former glory, at the same time building up a farm, raising animals, growing crops, and making acquaintances with the town people.

Also, the game takes place in an upbeat post-apocalyptic period. The further you progress, you keep on unlocking cool new customisations for your new home, as well as learn to automate the elements of your day to day grind.

My Time at Portia coming to mobile: Portia City
Bird’s eye view of the beautiful Portia city

You will have a lot of time to explore the town, as well as Portia’s ancient ruins and dungeons. However, you shouldn’t go too deep as there are several types of monsters crawling underneath. Conversely, if you attempt it, and make it out successful, you’ll get lots of treasures along the way.

Also, the world isn’t going to revolve around the player only, the townsfolks each have their own everyday routines, and if you can get to know specific characters, it will allow you to have a relationship with them, a bond. There is an interesting feature called Romance which allows the player to date and eventually marry the eligible non-playable characters.

When will My time at Portia release on mobile?

The announcement of the game was made on TapTap, which also means that it is going to be exclusive on TapTap for now. There’s no word on the global release yet but since this game is already available on Steam and Nintendo eShop, we can expect a global release later this year or maybe in 2021.

So if you want to enjoy the game, you have to pre-register using the TapTap app and wait until the global release. Otherwise, you can always grab the game now at Steam or Nintendo eShop.

Are you excited to play the game as My Time at Portia is coming to mobile? Let us know in the comment section below!

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