Need Night Street Underground looks heavily inspired by Need For Speed Underground, now available on Google Play

The game looks surprisingly similar to NFS underground!

Need Night Street Underground is a new racing mobile game which as the name would suggest looks and feels very similar to another hit gaming title Need For Speed Underground. The game is available for interested fans to download on Android from Google Play.

Need Night Street Underground aims to cash in on the popularity of Need For Speed Underground

Need For Speed is probably one of the most iconic gaming series ever to be produced in the industry and definitely the most popular series in the racing genre of gaming. The series has many flawless titles to its name that boosted and contributed to its success, with the likes of Most Wanted, Rivals, and the most recent Unbound.

However even from a portfolio of such hit titles, Underground shines the brightest with many who claim the game to be the best release ever from Need for Speed closely contested by Most Wanted.

Image via Filaret

Need Night Street Underground aims to deliver an exclusive mobile gaming experience that will closely replicate the one once provided by Need For Speed Underground. The game offers a very similar game setting with cars and racing models very reminiscent of the ones displayed in Need For Speed Underground. The game promises to offer an open-world environment where players will be able to explore the mysteries and trigger the hidden races and events once come across them.

Need Night Street Underground Car Person Woman Game
Image via Filaret

The game will also provide an extensive range of car collections for the players to make sure that they have the best ones available for their events and races once they happen. As the story in the game would progress more additional content and cars will keep on u unlocking for the players to discover and use. Interested fans and other players can access and download the game for their devices via Google Play.

What are your thoughts on Need Night Street Underground getting a release on Android? Do let us know in the comments below!

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