NEKO GOLF: COLOPL Inc’s hit anime golf finally opens global pre-registrations

Experience the feel of realistic golf play at your fingertips!

Colopl is a Japanese games development company that has created famous games like White Cat Project, White Cat Tennis, and Alice Gear Aegis amongst others. They have now finally announced the opening of the pre-registrations of their much-anticipated game Neko Golf which was originally called Shironeko Golf on a global scale and was announced way back in March. It is set to come on both Android and iOS platforms, but as of now, the pre-registrations have started for only Android users.

Experience realistic golf shots in Neko Golf

This anime golf game is all set to recreate real-life instances while playing a golf game. Intense moments such as a delayed stroke of the club can happen by swiping a little too slowly or hitting duff which can occur if the player’s finger slips.

Neko Golf pre-registrations android
Image via Colopl Inc

A lot of other small mistakes in the game will result in different outcomes which will make it as intense as a real-life golf game. Neko Golf also has a very smooth and simple layout of controls so that it is easy for the players to get used to it and so that they can focus on their techniques without any other worries.

The game offers different game modes and exciting features

Neko Golf offers two game modes namely Enjoy Mode and Battle Mode. In Enjoy Mode players get to enjoy a casual game of golf without worrying about winning as there are no winners in this mode but the greater-scoring players are rewarded with Tour Points. In the Battle Mode, the winner receives more Tour Points than one would receive in Enjoy Mode and the losing player won’t get any at all.

The game also provides ways for communication among the players with the help of voice chat and stickers. They can also take part in Cash Tournaments where they can compete against other players to earn cash rewards. Neko Golf is also set to have character voices from the famous cast of White Cat Project.

The game is only available on Android devices as of now and iOS players will have to wait for the game to be available on their devices. Android players can head over to the Google Play Store and pre-register themselves for the game and be one of the first people to try it out. Interested players can also visit the game’s official website for additional information and regular updates.

Are you excited as Neko Golf opens global pre-registrations for Android? Let us know in the comments below!

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