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NEOWIZ’s Master of Knights begins pre-registration ahead of global release on July 27th

Become a god, overcome the Seven Trials, and conquer Heaven!

NEOWIZ has announced that the highly awaited pre-registration for the global launch of Master of Knights: Seven Trials, popularly known as Master of Knights, has begun. The game will be released for iOS and Android devices on July 27th.

Engage in tactical battles and experience the thrill in Master of Knights

The fascinating turn-based strategic role-playing game (SRPG) Master of Knights is currently being created by NEOWIZ. The game delivers an exciting experience with a magnificent cast of 50 colorful characters and 75 spell cards created to spark players’ collection ambitions. These characters and cards can be tactically combined and arranged by players to engage in tactical combat. The end of July is when “Master of Knights” will make its public debut.[0]=AZV9KL_Pzxpi_mmAbXhXjW7DInceoRggeZ2nGH9iRXmnob9CWynpf5u7bJu9hJ7JVq4cvWcbKN6C2qKzBzYw0wRY55hloWrGlM-slyy72ODbQY151FQ4R7v6mJ4S-WbPg6qwcvWSkhGBkpzbdTWm2iEf4hJ5xYtqx5E86N134if1c-6qd4Vqxwkfi-jLiMDRomo&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

In Master of Knights, players take on the role of a recently arrived divinity in Lemuria and set off on an enthralling voyage. Their goal is to assemble knights, establish peace, and defend the continent from the advancing Elders. The game expertly captures the feel of an old-fashioned adventure story, pushing players against ever-more-dangerous adversaries, such as the Four Elder Kings, and doing so with tasteful artwork.

Master of Knights brings unique gameplay style and exciting features

Master of Knights distinguishes out with its distinctive gameplay style that is evocative of playing chess on a constrained 5×5 tile grid, while many other SRPGs are becoming more and more complex. Players can enjoy strategic fun with straightforward controls by reimagining each class’s attack range and mobility inside this constrained area. In addition, the game incorporates a spell card system like a Trading Card Game (TCG), which adds a variety of variables and speeds up action.

Master of Knights pre-registration
Image via NEOWIZ

Additionally, “Master of Knights” has several features to improve player comfort. These include a limitless skip system, a specialized automatic battle system, and an automatic fight reward system that enables players to amass growth resources over time. With the use of these features, consumers will experience less stress from monotonous games.

Players can now pre-register for “Master of Knights” can go to the official website or the Google Play Store and App Store. Players that pre-register will immediately receive special benefits, such as the SR grade knight “Titania” and 1,000 Gems.

What are your thoughts as Master of Knights begins pre-registration ahead of global release? Let us know in the comment section below!

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