Blue Lock PWC Guide: Tips to earn Blue Gems in the game

Get the most blue gems!

Rudel Incorporation introduced Blue Lock PWC as a sports simulation game inspired by the hit anime Blue Lock. After its debut in Japan, it’s now accessible worldwide on Android and iOS devices. In this guide, I will provide you with the best ways to earn blue gems in Blue Lock PWC. If you’re new to the game, my beginner’s guide, reroll guide, tier list, and customer support guide are here to assist you in getting started. Additionally, you can check my review of the game, and see some in-game redeem codes for bonus rewards that players can explore.

In Blue Lock PWC, blue gems are crucial for obtaining powerful characters and cards through their gacha system. They also grant duplicates of characters and cards, which can be leveled up to higher star ratings for increased strength. These blue gems are a versatile resource, offering numerous valuable uses within the game.

How to get more Blue Gems in Blue Lock PWC

Earning Blue Gems in Blue Lock PWC is beneficial because it allows you to unlock new content, improve your characters, and progress further in the game. With Blue Gems, you can access special features, upgrade your team, and enhance your gaming experience. Here are some of the best ways to earn blue gems in Blue Lock PWC:

1. Complete Daily Missions

Completing daily missions is an effective and very consistent way to earn more Blue Gems in Blue Lock PWC. These missions often offer generous rewards upon completion, including Blue Gems that can be used to unlock various in-game content.

Blue Lock PWC daily missions
Image via Rudel Incorporation

I’ve found that staying consistent with completing daily tasks not only helps in accumulating Blue Gems but also keeps the gameplay experience engaging and rewarding in a good routine.

2. Participate in Event Matches

Participating in Event Matches is another fruitful method to acquire Blue Gems in the game. These matches often offer special rewards, including Blue Gems, for achieving certain objectives or milestones during the event.

Blue Lock PWC event matches
Image via Rudel Incorporation

I’ve personally enjoyed the challenge and excitement that come with participating in these matches, and the additional Blue Gems serve as a motivating reward for the effort put into these events.

3. Claim Gift Box regularly

Claiming the Gift Box regularly is a simple yet effective way to boost your Blue Gems collection. The Gift Box often contains various rewards, including Blue Gems, that can be claimed periodically when the game gifts or compensates for bug fixes and updates.

Blue Lock PWC gift box
Image via Rudel Incorporation

Making it a habit to check and claim your Gift Box regularly ensures that you don’t miss out on these valuable resources. I’ve found this to be a convenient and reliable method to steadily increase my Blue Gems count over time.

4. Upgrade your Characters

Upgrading your characters is not only beneficial for enhancing their abilities but also for earning more Blue Gems. As you progress and invest in upgrading your characters’ skills and stats, you’ll often receive Blue Gems as rewards for reaching certain milestones or achieving significant progress.

Blue Lock PWC character upgrade
Image via Rudel Incorporation

I’ve discovered that focusing on character upgrades not only improves gameplay performance but also leads to a steady accumulation of Blue Gems, making it a rewarding investment in the long run.

5. Complete Training Sessions

Completing Training Sessions is a fundamental aspect of improving your team’s overall performance, and it also yields Blue Gems as rewards. These sessions allow you to enhance your athletes’ skills and attributes, leading to better results in matches.

Blue Lock PWC training session
Image via Rudel Incorporation

I’ve found that dedicating time to training not only improves my team’s chances of success but also provides a consistent source of Blue Gems that contribute to my overall progression in the game.

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, the key to acquiring more Blue Gems in Blue Lock PWC lies in consistency and engagement. Completing daily missions, participating in event matches, claiming your Gift Box regularly, upgrading your characters, and completing training sessions are all effective methods to boost your Blue Gems count.

By staying active in various aspects of the game and focusing on improving your team’s performance, you not only enhance your gameplay experience but also steadily accumulate Blue Gems for unlocking new content and progressing further in the game.

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