NetEase’s Hyper Front to shut down its services on April 10, 2023

Another knockoff bites the dust!

Hyper Front is an online shooter-based game by NetEase Games where players face each other in competitive five-vs-five tactical matches. According to some latest developments, NetEase has confirmed that Hyper Front will shut down its services on April 10, 2023.

Hyper Front was seen as a Valorant knockoff by many fans around the globe

While there are no official reasons behind the shutdown of the game, there have been some speculations in the market regarding the same. One of them is its rather close resemblance to another hit video gaming title Valorant. Riot Games took action against them as well and sued them for producing the Valorant copycat in December last year. With the latest developments, it looks like Hyper Front was on the receiving end of the proceedings as the game now aims for a shutdown as per tweets from the official handle.

There were a lot of features in the game that were very reminiscent of the original Valorant title. Hyper Front offered players a roster of characters to choose from. Each character in the game had something different to offer, with different powerups and gameplay options. There was also a whole arsenal of different weapons to choose from to suit various play styles and preferences. While playing it felt very similar to Valorant, even the game’s environment is sci-fi giving it the title of being a Valorant knockoff.

It is very natural that once a game gets famous other developers would want to cash in on the popularity and develop their title by adding a few extra features to the gameplay. There are 2 in-game battle modes, Casual and Ranked modes. The casual modes include Classic, Death Fight, Arms Race, and Conquest match types to choose from. While ranked matches include Search and Destroy which lets players rank up by defeating other players. 

Hyper Front Coldcast Guide
Image via NetEase

While no official reason is given out by the developers it looks very probable that its awful likeness to Valorant may be the reason for the shutdown.

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