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New State Mobile to nerf all vehicles in the March 2022 update

A move to reduce vehicle usage in-game.

In their latest announcement online, the developer’s team of PUBG New State Mobile has stated that they will be bringing in changes to the game in order to make the vehicles less viable as the meta in a game that focuses on being a shooter title. The vehicle nerf will be available in the New State Mobile March 2022 update.

Nerfs in shooting abilities while in a vehicle

Developers at Krafton have noticed a spike in the usage of vehicles as something more than just an option to traverse the map and play a more than-needed part in the gameplay. Thus this change will come as part of a set of changes to nerf the vehicles which include reducing the hit points and taking away the feature of firing when a car door is destroyed which provides unfair angles.

After this change, the stability, recoil, and accuracy of a gun while firing from a vehicle will be changed so as to prompt more players to fight on their feet and avoid rat race across the map.

Nerfs to the Volta in terms of mobility and increased sound

The unique electric vehicle found in New State, the Volta, has seen widespread use in the game owing to its mobility advantage over all other vehicles and the silent sound of its engine. Therefore the acceleration of the car while in boost will be increased and its ability to make sharp turns and cut short corners will be compromised to make it more balanced.

new state mobile volta
Image via Krafton

Also, the sound of its engine is so silent that it is often missed in the game audio and players find themselves facing a vehicle without warning. To counter this, its sound will be increased to enable players to anticipate the arrival of the car sooner and counter accordingly. 

New State Mobile vehicle nerfs to improve in-game experience

It has to be appreciated that the developers have been putting in work to make the game a better experience for all the players by making it fairer and withdrawing any unfair advantage that the game mechanics might have to offer. This will probably result in less vehicle usage, but it should be fine because at the end of the day the game is based on the shooter genre involving intense gunplay.

What are your thoughts about the vehicle nerf to be introduced in the March 2022 update of New State Mobile? Let us know in the comments below!

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