Nine Nights, a new action title gets an official launch on Android and iOS

Get ready for an epic journey with Nine Nights!

Nine Nights is a new action title brought to you by LI HUI. The game, Nine Nights is now available as an official launch for players on both Android and iOS which can be accessed via Google Play and the Apple Stores respectively for a launch price of $4.99.

Nine Nights aims to provide a retro action and adventure experience coupled with immersive combat system

Nine Nights takes the players on an epic journey across a world infested with the Jizo organization which is a band of assassins. The players take on the role of the lone survivor, Ci Lang who is a skilled killer himself and stands in the way of the Jizo organization and the innocent. The game takes the players across a variety of maps and an open world filled with puzzles and mysteries that the players will have to solve as well as with the epic fights that they will pick on their way.

Nine Nights official launch, Nine Nights
Image via LI HUI

The striking feature of the game has to be the combat system which takes inspiration from the retro action titles that used to be released for PS2 consoles in terms of both graphics and gameplay. With the game, Nine Nights players will be able to explore great combat moves and combine existing ones to form a combo. Not only this, the maps in the game are filled with mysteries and puzzles and are designed in such a way as to allow a parkour system in the game where players can navigate through the obstacles and explore uncharted territories in style.

The game banks on its creative gameplay as it allows the players to combine moves and other fighting elements of the combat system and land their own moves against the enemy in the game. On top of that, the game also follows a well-structured storyline giving the players content to explore and go through as well. You have to find out the truth, survive, and slog your way to revenge in Nine Nights.

The game, Nine Nights as stated before is now available as an official launch for players and fans on both Android and iOS. Interested players can get the game via Google Play and iOS App Store for $4.99.

What are your thoughts on Nine Nights being made available as an official launch? Let us know in the comments below!

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