No Man’s Sky developer brings back Joe Danger to iOS after a touching email from a dad

The game is being brought back for an 8 year old autistic fan.

Joe Danger, the side-scrolling bike racing game, has been brought back on iOS by Hello Games and all because of an 8-year-old fan who goes by the name of “Jack”. In emails that Jack’s father wrote to Sean Murray, he revealed that although Jack is on the spectrum, Joe Danger means a lot to him and is very comforting to him, getting him through a lot of tough situations.

As you probably know, children with autism deal with a great many struggles, chief among them are great difficulty with social interactions. However, one of the things that has enabled Jack and I to bond is our shared love of video games, specifically Joe Danger. Jack loves Joe. He loves everything about him. He has a collection of toy motorcycles that are his “Joe Dangers;” every motorcycle we see on the street is “Joe Danger.” One of the first things I hear when I walk in the door after a long day at work is “Come on, daddy, let’s go play Joe Danger!

Email from Jack’s Father

He further goes on to say “There have been times too innumerous to count where I know Jack is uneasy with a given situation because he will look at me and say “Then I get Joe Danger?” It’s his way of saying ‘this is going to suck for me for a bit, but I know I can get through it.” The email really drives Jack’s love for Joe Danger home and it’s no wonder that it motivated the indie studio to take action. 

Joe Danger has been remastered for the latest iOS devices

Unfortunately, the game, which received a lot of positive traffic, had essentially stopped working on most iOS devices after software updates due to neglect since Hello Games were attending to No Man’s Sky, their other blockbuster title.

With no other options left, Jack’s father contacted the developers in hopes that they’d do something to bring back the game. And it seems like Hello Games were inspired to do exactly that. Joe Danger is back on the App Store 8 years after it was first released.

Joe Danger Action Pack
Joe Danger Action Pack (Image via Hello Games)

The game has been remastered with better visuals, frame rate, Gamepad support, and ProMotion to make sure it doesn’t look too old and players can get the Joe Danger Action Pack which is a bundle of two games (Joe Danger and Joe  Danger infinity) for a one-time payment. And the people who bought the originals are in for a treat as they can get their hands on the remastered version for completely free by updating the game.

A commendable act by the developers

This is certainly one of the most wholesome stories we’ve seen in a long time and points to the redemption of Hello Games and Sean Murray, who got quite a bit of hate after No Man’s Sky failed to deliver on expectations. Unfortunately, the Android version of the game also suffered a similar removal and although Sean Murray didn’t mention anything yet, they hopefully could publish the game onto Android too. That being said, the effort that the developers put into this is certainly commendable.

What are your thoughts as Joe Danger is brought back on iOS by developers for an 8-year-old fan? Let us know in the comments below!

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