Northgard is set to release for Android devices on August 24 this year

This is followed by the iOS release earlier this year!

Northgard, the popular indie strategy video game is confirmed to release on Android devices on the 24th of August, 2021. The game has been overdue in the Google Playstore for a long time. The game will be released by Playdigious, who ported and published the game for an iOS release in April.

An indie title that has been making waves

Originally a PC game, Northgard is a real-time strategy game that was developed by Shiro Games. Set in the Viking era, the game had initially debuted on PC in the year 2018. This was followed up by a release on the Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and Xbox One in October 2019. The game was a surprise hit, particularly on PC, selling well over 2 million copies. The game takes heavy inspiration from Norse mythology which forms the core of its lore.

Northgard release Android
Northgard gameplay

Experience Age of Empires on your mobile

Despite its commercial success, Northgard is still a relatively unknown commodity in the gaming world. You can be forgiven if you haven’t heard of the game till now. The game is an RTS game that is very similar to the highly popular Age of Empires series. The Vikings have set foot on a new unknown land filled with a myriad of mysteries and dangers lurking in the darkness. The game encourages the players to explore and take a foothold of the land present. Despite Northgard being a rich, enticing continent, the land also plays host to a variety of beasts such as giants and dire wolves who present a grave danger to the Vikings. The game also forces players to manage their resources and tackle other in-game obstacles wisely.

Northgard is not a free-to-play title, costing a sum of 9 dollars to play. Additionally, the game features extra DLC content that will also require a one-time purchase. Despite this, strategy fans have much reason to look forward to another addition to their wishlist.

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