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How you can win big with the new RPG Omniheroes

The world awaits your salvation!

One of the reasons you come to a site like this is to get in on the ground floor of the next big mobile game. Well, this is your lucky day. For our money, Omniheroes is one of the most promising mobile RPGs of 2023, and we’re about to tell you all about it. Plus, we will explain how you can line your pockets with goodies ahead of the release of Omniheroes.

But first, here’s the backstory. Omniheroes is a heroic casual strategy fantasy RPG set to release on Android and iOS this August 9th. The game is set in a world brought into being by Eve, the Creator, and riven by conflict between a number of powerful factions, including the Empire, the Eclipse, the Woodland, the Divine, and the Demons

Take on the role of Omniguardian and seek out the seven Valkyries in Omniheroes

An unspeakable evil invades this world, scattering the factions to the four winds. Eve manages to defeat this evil, but the effort plunges her into a coma. So it falls to you as the Omniguardian to seek out the seven Valkyries (guardians of the world), a community of more than 100 members of the five embattled factions who have inherited Eve’s soul and powers. 

A huge amount of effort has gone into the creation of these Valkyries’ backstories, and the quality of the character art is absolutely off the charts. The backgrounds are equally great, with art nouveau elements and an atmospheric dark and light aesthetic. You need to summon and form pacts with the Valkyries before taking them into battle against the forces of darkness. 

Omniheroes release

Gameplay-wise, that means assembling teams of Valkyries and heading into battle across a number of different single-player, PvE, and PvP modes, crushing your enemies and plowing the loot and XP you amass into leveling up your stable of heroes. 

Engage in exciting battles across modes with amazing visuals

That’s the fundamental pitch, and it’s a familiar one. Omniheroes sits firmly at the casual end of the spectrum, with battles that play out automatically and XP that builds even while you’re taking a break from the battlefield. But Omniheroes is not a basic game.

Its character-building options and upgrade pathways are richly multidimensional, allowing you to craft your perfect Valkyrie army like a Napoleonic mastermind. It just gives you a smooth ride along the way, with one-tap upgrades and idle features. 

Omniheroes release
Image via OmniDream Games

On top of that, Omniheroes boasts a couple of unique features, including a powerful synergy system that lets you stack powerful buffs aimed at giving you countless tactical options in battle. These synergies exist across Valkyries, Factions, and Runes, giving you a ton of ways to combine your units to unlock deadly skills and massive battlefield advantages.

Image via OmniDream Games

Then there’s the clever charisma system, which sees you healing and grooming your Valkyries with touchscreen gestures to build emotional bonds with them and unlock new skins. It’s rare that a game lets you feel this connected to its characters. 

Players can now pre-register and obtain amazing rewards post-launch

There are plenty of reasons to be excited about the August release of Omniheroes, but the pre-registration rewards are way up there. From July 13th you can pre-register for Omniheroes via the official site to claim some early rewards and put yourself in the running for a handful of ultra-desirable prizes. 

Signing up for the Valkyrie’s Bestowal pre-registration event earns you 777 free summons right off the bat, while 99 lucky players will get an Amazon Gift Card worth $100 and ten even luckier players will win an iPhone 14 Pro (512GB)

Omniheroes release
Image via OmniDream Games

There are milestone rewards, too. At 50,000 pre-registrations, everybody will get 500 Diamonds, at 100,000 they’ll get 100 Ascension Ore and an Uncommon Gear Chest, and so on right up to the 1,000,000, where the prize is a Dorabella Valkyrie and a Limited Avatar Frame. The latest pre-registration milestone hit is 500,000 participants, and it’s growing every day.

Omniheroes is one of the most promising mobile RPGs of 2023, and you can now pre-register on Google Play and App Store and download the game after its release. Players can further check the game’s official website to stay up-to-date with the game’s news and updates.

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