Opera GX: The world’s first mobile gaming browser is now launched on Android and iOS

Opera GX is now on mobile devices!

To celebrate the final day of E3, Opera has launched Opera GX, the world’s first mobile browser for gaming. Packed with several great features, gamers are currently enjoying the hugely popular Opera GX desktop browser. The browser which runs on Windows and macOS is already the preferred choice of browser for millions of gamers worldwide. Some of the features include likes of custom skins, the latest gaming news, native ad blocker, and more.

Opera GX: The best set of browser for gamers on the go

Opera GX users can enjoy a vast array of features on mobile devices. This includes custom navigation with the Fast Action Button (FAB). This uses gaming-inspired vibration and haptic feedback for smoother and more intuitive browsing.

We launched the desktop version of Opera GX during E3 2019. This year, with the event coming back, we have some good news for everyone who wants their smartphone browsing experience to match their gaming tastes. Those tastes are ever-evolving. Two years ago, we launched the best browser for PC gamers, and since then, we have seen the entire games industry shift towards cross-play. With Opera GX mobile, we are making sure that all gamers have a browser that offers them a superior web experience and lets them follow the latest news about their favourite games on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and every other platform they enjoy.

Maciej Kocemba, product director of Opera GX

Additionally, there is also the ability to sync mobile and desktop experiences together, using the Flow feature. It will ensure that gamers are now able to share walkthroughs, tutorials and character builds between different devices. A special feature on mobile devices, GX Corner is a unique space on GX’s home screen. It will feature the latest gaming news about desktop, console, and mobile games, deals, trailers, and a game release calendar. The mobile version of Opera GX also distinguishes itself with a gaming-inspired design with a variety of different color themes for both dark and light modes. 

Opera GX mobile features

Opera GX mobile browser launched
Several newly-added features in the Opera GX mobile browser
  • ‘GX Corner’: Players will now be on top of the latest gaming news and deals.
  • Gaming Inspired Design: Multiple colour themes in both dark and light modes.
  • ‘Fast Action Button’ (FAB) for one-handed navigation with haptic feedback. 
  • Built-in ad blocker: A cookie dialogue blocker and protection from cryptocurrency miners.
  • ‘Flow’: Effortlessly connects Opera GX mobile and Opera GX desktop with a simple QR code. It is used to send files and messages between browsers with ease. This feature is perfect for sharing walkthroughs and tutorials.

About Opera GX

Launched in June 2019, Opera GX for Windows and macOS has exceeded the 9-million mark of active gamers in the world. This accounts for 190% from year to year. The credits should go to the standout features which makes the browser less resource hungry and leave more resources for gaming. Additionally, there are several CPU, RAM bandwidth limiters. There is built-in Twitch, Discord, and Messenger support in the sidebar. Currently counting more than 290,000 members, Opera GX’s discord server has become the largest tech server in the world.

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