Overbeast is now available to download in the US from the App Store and Google Play

Get ready for a multidimensional battle of epic proportions!

Liquid City is poised to release Overbeast, an augmented reality (AR) massively multiplayer casual game created by XR trailblazer Keiichi Matsuda and Liquid City studio. Produced in collaboration with Verizon, the game boasts stunning visuals and unparalleled AR-centric gameplay, plunging players into an alternative realm superimposed on actual settings. Moreover, the game is free-to-play and is now available to download in the United States from the App Store and Google Play.

Battle for the title of Ultimate Overbeast in this new online game

Players in Overbeast work together to grow a flourishing forest and provide food for their local Overbeasts, majestic creatures that roam the earth. This collaborative gameplay is at the heart of the game, as players unite to support their community. As the Overbeasts increase in size and strength, they can participate in daily battles to determine the Ultimate Overbeast. The first season will conclude at the end of May, and the winner will be crowned Ultimate Overbeast.

Overbeast Collecting v3
Image via Liquid City

Overbeast’s journey began on April 22, 2023, when small Overbeast embryos were found throughout all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and Washington DC. The next day, the embryos hatched into young Overbeasts and began their first battle. Every 12 hours, a new battle will be available to watch, with a countdown in between. At the end of the season, the Ultimate Overbeast battle will take place, and the victorious Overbeast will lead the others in completing their migration cycle.

Keiichi Matsuda’s Overbeast offers a revolutionary AR Experience for Free

The director of Overbeast is Keiichi Matsuda, a pioneer in the XR field renowned for his cult concept film HYPER-REALITY, his interactive design work at Leap Motion, and his leadership in experience design at Microsoft Mixed Reality.

Matsuda is the founder of Liquid City, a design studio dedicated to shaping a positive future for technology in society. The game can now be downloaded for free on iOS and Android devices in the United States, and support for additional regions will be introduced shortly.

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