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Pascal’s Wager is now available on Android

Pascal’s Wager is one of the most anticipated games coming to mobile in 2020. After being released on iOS in January, the game was announced to arrive on Android in June. From the developer Tipsworks, Pascal’s Wager is now available on Android from today.

About Pascal’s Wager

We managed to get a glimpse of the gameplay and the mechanics it offers from trying out the game on iOS. And from what we’ve seen from it’s gameplay, Pascal’s Wager is both challenging and gloomy at the same time.

It’s a Dark RPG Action with a captivating storyline. We may be looking at one of the best adventure games to hit the android platform.

pascals wager

It’s almost similar to the likes of Dark Souls, Epic of kings and Godfire: Rise of Prometheus. The game promises a familiar emphasis on its demanding combat, with dodges and parries which provides relevance when slashing and stabbing enemies.

To get past a level,you’ll have to get used to certain attack patterns, managing your stamina gauge, and keeping an eye on your panic level as it rises very often due to the dark horrors you will encounter.

Offline and Premium game

Pascal’s Wager is a premium game. Which means it’s not going to be free on Android as well as iOS. But on the other hand, the good news is that it will cost just $3.99 bucks at launch. Which also makes it less expensive on Android than iOS. The offer of $3.99 will last for a limited period according to its developers., So you’ll want to head to the Playstore fast and download the game.

The game is a complete offline game. Which means an internet connection is NOT required to embark into the dark world and uncover the mysteries in Pascal’s Wager.

System Requirements

To run Pascal’s Wager on Android, you need the minimum system requirements mentioned below.

  • Snapdragon 625 or equivalent SoC with 64 bit support
  • Android 5.0 or above
  • 3 GB RAM
  • 5 GB space

You can now get the game on Android or iOS for a price of $3.99. So what are you waiting for?

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