Path of Exile game is announced for Mobile

The original Path of Exile is coming to mobile devices. This was announced by the developer grinding gear games on Friday. The developer also added that the game will be available on mobile devices without the “Bullshit Trends” and “Evil Garbage” which is present in the current mobile games.

Friday morning, at the ExileCon, Grinding Gear CEO Chris Wilson announced that the free-to-play game “Path of Exile” is coming to smartphones. Further, the game for mobile is going to be developed in-house and the developers are not going to outsource it.

What is the catch?

The fan base of Path of Exile may get excited upon the launch of the game to mobile devices. However, there is a catch.

The CEO for Grinding Gear Games also said that the game for mobile will be an experiment for the company. The game will be developed further based on the feedback of the fans.

There is another catch as well. The company announced the Path of exile 2 before announcing the Path of Exile for mobile. This was surely a reference to how Blizzard angered fans by announcing Diablo Immortal before Diablo IV.

What we know about the Path of Exile Mobile announcement

The developer kicked off the announcement with a blunt assessment of mobile games along with studio co-founders Jonathan Rogers saying,

So, mobile games are kinda bullshit right? Pay-to-win microtransactions, time gates, energy bars, random nag screens, notifications, video ads. There’s really a lot of evil garbage going in mobile games today, but in 2012 when we first released Path of Exile on PC, you really could’ve said the same thing about a lot of free-to-play games there too.

So from this announcement, we know that the developers are trying to make a free-to-play mobile game where the winning criteria are not dependent upon the amount of money you spend in the game.

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