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Peacekeeper Elite League PEL Season 4 2021: Participating teams, prize pool, and more

16 teams battle it out for coveted spots in the PMGC

China’s top PUBG Mobile/Game For Peace tournament Peacekeeper Elite League is back with its final installment of the year 2021, the PEL Season 4, after which we will see all teams compete in the annual Global Championship PMGC.

In PEL S3 we had NV(Nova Esports) as the Finals winner and TMG(Team Game) as the league winner. Despite being a domestic tournament and the Chinese equivalent of PMPL, the prize pool is much higher than that of any tournament being held now or held earlier. PEL is also arguably the most well-produced and high profile of all of them.

PEL Season 4 2021: Date, prize pool, and format

The tournament as usual would be about a month-long affair where the best teams in China will fight it out to win this prestigious tournament. The event will commence on October 21 and will continue until November 28. The prize pool will be an impressive amount of $2,344,266 or 15,000,000 Renminbi(Chinese Yuan) which will be distributed across the 5 weeks and grand finals. 

Peacekeeper Elite League
Peacekeeper Elite League

The PEL follows the standard tournament format adopted by the PMPL and the league stage is divided into regular play and Super Weekends with a few twists of its own. The 20 teams will fight in regular play for 2 days, and the top 5 teams from the first day of play will directly advance to the Super Weekend or the Weekly Finals as it is called in PEL.

The remaining 15 teams will face off on the second day of regular play and the top 10 teams will advance to the Weekly Finals. Each week the top-performing team will be crowned the Weekly Winner and will receive prize money of approximately $154,000. After 5 weeks of play, the top 15 teams across the league stage will qualify for the grand finals where the winning team will get prize money of approximately $309,000. Also, the League MVP and the Finals MVP will get $31,256 each while the best rookie player of the tournament will get $15,628

PMGC points 

As per the slots offered by the global PUBG Mobile esports regulators, the PMGC will feature 2 Chinese teams. The 2 teams with the most championship points gathered throughout the year will move on to PMGC. It’s a very fair method as it allows us to assess a team based on their position across all 4 seasons instead of concentrating on any one particular event. As of now, the top 5 teams in the points table are as follows:-

  • NV(Nova Esports) = 32 points 
  • TJB(Tong Jia Bao) = 26 points 
  • ST(Show Time) = 18 points
  • RNG(Royal Never Give-up = 17
  • The Chosen(TC) = 15 points 

Participant teams

Peacekeeper Elite League PEL Season 3 2021, PEL Season 4 2021
All the invited teams in Peacekeeper Elite League PEL Season 4 2021
  • JD Esports (JDE)
  • Tong Jia Bao (TJB)
  • Da Kun Gaming (DKG)
  • Nova Esports (NV)
  • 4 Angry Men (4AM)
  • Show Time (ST)
  • Six Two Eight (STE)
  • Tianba (Tianba)
  • The Chosen (TC)
  • Team Pai (PAI)
  • Regans Gaming (RSG)
  • Qing Jiu Club (Q9)
  • Still Moving Under Gunfire (SMG)
  • LGD Gaming (LGD)
  • All Gamers (AG)
  • Thunder Talk Gaming (TTG) [Team Game(TMG) has been acquired by Thunder Talk Gaming and is now known as TTG, as shared by Chinese sources]
  • Titan Esports Club (TEC)
  • Team Weibo (WBG)
  • Action Culture Technology (ACT)
  • Royal Never Give Up (RNG)


After a thrilling end full of adrenaline in the Season 3 finals, we are back again with the PEL S4. Last season TC proved that they are indeed a super team and worthy of getting their hands on the trophy and qualifying to PMGC.

PEL 2021 Season 3 champion, PEL Season 4 2021
Nova Esports, PEL S3 champions (Image via Nova Esports)

NV on the other hand has been more consistent than ever with a 3 week-long winning streak across the weekly finals and the grand finals. Also, RSG, who has emerged as a new strong contender might have troubles as their player King, who was a loanee from NV had returned to his team with no further talks of coming back to RSG.

The Chinese giants 4AM have looked quite formidable after an extremely shaky year and they are expected to perform better this season. This tournament, as the final chance to grab a ticket to the PMGC, will surely be a treat to watch as the top teams clash against each other to yield a winner.

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