Phase 10: World Tour brings the Frozen Candyland update with a new pet and a special festive jingle

Get cozy this holiday season and savor the Frozen Candyland event update in the funny and classic card mobile game Phase 10: World Tour. The event will feature 36 adorable animals for activities as well as a brand-new, exclusive in-game pet named Snowman. Playable versions of Frozen Candyland will be accessible from December 1, 2022, through January 5, 2023. A unique jingle called Phase 10 Holiday Twists has been made by Mattel163 for all gamers to go along with the festive update. The music is currently accessible on SoundCloud and in the game.

Complete the Frozen Candyland event to win exciting rewards

Players must play black cards in Journey mode to earn holiday candles in order to participate in the new event. These candles can be used to buy candy canes to draw cute creatures and unlock holiday decorations in an iced playground.

There will be a total of 36 animals, some of which are mysterious and have unique designs that players can interact with. Players can have fun interacting with these cute creatures and amassing a photo album of them dressed in cheery holiday traditions. The players will also receive enormous festive treats from these cuddly companions.

Players will receive the exclusive secret pet Woosh, the Snowman, as a special holiday treat once the event is over. By stopping your opponent from discarding their final card, Woosh will give you the upper hand in a contest. In addition to these fresh gameplay additions to shake up the Phase 10 Mobile’s snowglobe, there is a joyful song for players and a fresh, holiday-themed aesthetic in the game. Phase 10: World Tour jingle can be heard while players explore this new winter paradise.

Phase 10: World Tour is a classic card mobile game loved by millions of players

Phase 10 World Tour
Image via Mattel163

The Phase 10 card game has gathered friends and families for 40 years. The original gameplay is used in Phase 10 mobile game, which was created only for digital players. In the mobile game, additional phases and unique action cards are introduced. In multiplayer mode, players can compete with teammates or play solo, racing to complete each “Phase.” Each Phase includes distinct goals with corresponding numbers and colors. To win, players only need to finish the task ahead of their rivals.

Are you excited about the Phase 10 World Tour Frozen Candyland event update? Let us know in the comments below!

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