Phil Spencer emphasizes the presence in the Mobile Games market to flourish Xbox as a brand

Xbox is enthusiastic to set their foot in the mobile gaming industry!

At the gamescom 2023, gaming convention held in Cologne, a city in Germany, Phil Spencer, the CEO of Microsoft Gaming, and Xbox said that for Xbox to thrive as a product and a brand, it is necessary to integrate mobile games on Xbox. This decision can soon materialize given the need to market the platform to more customers.

Why would a presence in the mobile games market for Xbox be the move to make

According to Phil Spencer in his interview with Eurogamer, he acknowledges the importance of catering to the mobile gaming market in order to get a stronghold in today’s gaming industry. In the words of Mr. Spencer, “It is about a capability on mobile, and some broader ambitions that we have on the largest gaming platform, which is mobile phones.” Thereby confirming his wish as the CEO of Xbox to make some moves relative to the mobile gaming market in the near future.

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By bringing original mobile games, Xbox will attract a much larger group of individuals to their brand and make their products and projects a lot more viable with more room for creativity given the diversity of platforms. With mobile games on board, the brand will become an esteemed platform for mobile games as well as console games as it is right now.

How Xbox plans to execute the said plan

The primary plan of Xbox in order to get a stronghold in the mobile gaming industry is their acquisition of Activision Blizzard which owns the Call Of Duty Mobile franchise as well as King, the popular mobile game developer behind the Candy Crush IP, which is also part of the Activision deal. In fact, he even stated that the main reason behind the $68.7 million plan to acquire Activision Blizzard is for their mobile gaming capabilities, something that Microsoft’s Xbox is lacking.

Microsoft acquired Activision Blizzard, Microsoft's acquisition benefit mobile gaming
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When asked about a plan B regarding mobile games on Xbox if the Activision Blizzard deal does not materialize, Phil Spencer said that the thought was not something he had considered and that the company would push for a footing in the mobile gaming market either way. He also said that the previously mentioned idea of an Xbox Mobile Gaming App Store is still in the books and will materialize.

We think that’s important, yeah. So that’s something we’re looking at as well. And when we look at that the reason we think content is important there is, ‘how do you attract people to your stores?’

Phil Spencer, CEO of Xbox about the possibility of a Xbox Mobile Gaming App Store

From this interaction between Mr. Spencer and Eurogamer, we can conclude that Microsoft is indeed very serious about securing a spot in the mobile gaming industry if they cite it as the main reason behind a whopping $68.7 million deal. He said that the company is optimistic about the deal and that it will be the breakthrough they need at this stage in order to capture the mobile gaming market by getting mobile games on Xbox.

What are your thoughts about the enthusiasm of Xbox in the mobile gaming industry? Will you be excited about mobile games on Xbox? Let us know in the comments below!

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