Pikmin Bloom brings a new Decor “Fingerboard” Pikmin event

For a limited time, players can collect four different types of Fingerboard Decor Pikmin!

Niantic has announced a new “Fingerboard” Decor Pikmin event that will be available in Pikmin Bloom starting today! Participate in Weekly Challenges between August 15th and August 28th to earn Gold Seedlings, which will grow into limited-edition “Fingerboard” Decor Pikmin!

Even if you only get one star, you’ll get a Gold Seedling. (Note that quitting in the middle of a challenge will result in none.) There are four types of Pikmin: red, yellow, purple, and winged.

Participate in the event and earn Decor Pikmin fingerboards

In just 100 steps, players can grow gold seedlings that will sprout into “Fingerboard” Decor Pikmin! Throughout the event, large seedlings with “Special Event” icons will be visible. These Seedlings will eventually mature into “Fingerboard” Decor Pikmin.

A fingerboard is a classic toy that resembles a miniature skateboard. You can “ride” it with just two fingers and even do some cool tricks! It has a level of complexity that may even compare to real skateboarding, with jumps, spins, and more to master! These Decor Pikmin fingerboards are available in a variety of prints and patterns, so collect them all! If you find any “Fingerboard” Decor Pikmin, take an AR photo and share it with the #PikminBloom hashtag!

Collect Gold or Huge Seedlings with a Special Event icon to grow Fingerboard Decor Pikmin

Players can have both a Gold Seedling and a Huge Seedling with the Special Event icon at the same time. If they already have a Special Event Huge Seedling, they will be unable to find another. However, once they’ve grown it and harvested the Pikmin, they’ll be able to find another.

“Fingerboard” Decor Pikmin can only be grown from Gold or Huge Seedlings with the “Special Event” icon. Players cannot meet them by increasing their friendship levels with Red, Yellow, Purple, or Winged Pikmin. Even after the event period has ended, Huge Seedlings with the “Special Event” icon will continue to grow into “Fingerboard” Decor Pikmin.

Pikmin Bloom launch
Image via Niantic

For “Fingerboard” Decor Pikmin to be displayed correctly, the app must be updated to the latest version (v50). When playing Pikmin Bloom, please be aware of your surroundings and follow local health authorities’ guidelines. Future events are subject to change. To stay up to date, follow Pikmin Bloom on social media, sign up for push notifications, and subscribe to emails.

What are your thoughts on the Pikmin Bloom Fingerboard Decor Pikmin event? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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