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Planet: Reboot is an upcoming open-world sci-fi RPG releasing in China later this year

Save and rebuild the planet

Planet: Reboot is an upcoming open-world survival sci-fi RPG from MMC Society that will feature cross-progression between Mobile and PC. The game has already kicked off its test server and players can start applying for getting access to the test server. Upon the completion of the test phase, the game is scheduled to be rolled out in China by the end of this year. In this article, we will cover everything we know about the upcoming sci-fi RPG Planet: Reboot.

The developer MMC Society has previously worked on open-world games like this. The last one was Project: Arrival, on the same theme, which went on to conduct a Closed Beta in Canada in January 2022 along with its China testing.

Interestingly, this game seems to be the Chinese counterpart of Earth: Revival by Nuverse which was announced exactly one year ago and is available as a limited launch in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macao. And if we just casually go by the name, Earth Revival can also be termed as Planet Reboot.

Fight alien invasion while building your planet in Planet: Reboot

Planet: Reboot takes place after Aliens descend into the earth and destroy everything on this earth in the year 2112. Players will take up the role of the survivors of this world and will be tasked to explore this collapsed and disordered world, collect materials, restore energy, and assemble technological weapons and equipment; regain strongholds, reconstruct their living space, and revive the homeland. They will also have to eliminate alien forces and explore alien species.

Planet Reboot Gameplay
Image via MMC Society

After the alien invasion, everything on the earth has gone to ashes. The traces of blue erosion may be found everywhere on Earth, and neither the air nor the soil is safe to breathe at this point. Players will have to take up the responsibility to rebuild the planet by using modern technologies and making the planet like before.

Alongside rebuilding the planet, players will also need to fight the alien forces to free the earth from the alien invasion. Players need to collect any leftover pieces of technology, construct armor and weaponry, load the ultimate weapon, power armor, and then incarnate the mobile warriors. Using this mobile warrior, players will need to go to war against the alien forces.

Planet: Reboot release date

For now, MMC Society has planned the release of Planet Reboot in China towards the end of the year. Currently, the game is undergoing a small CBT test. As for its global release, there is no information until now. But considering the developer’s previous history, there are chances that the game might see the light of global release.

Planet Reboot HUD
Image via MMC Society

Additionally, there’s a high chance that Nuverse will be taking care of the publishing for the global region as they already launched the game in 3 regions with the name of Earth: Revival. Only time will tell.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming release of Planet: Reboot in China? Let us know in the comments below!

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