Project: Arrival to start Closed Beta test in Canada from January 14, 2022

More details on the open world game will be available soon

MMC Society has announced that they are going to hold a closed beta test of their upcoming title Project: Arrival. According to the latest reports the testing will be held between January 14th to 17th in Canada. Closed beta testing means that the game will be given to a selected number of users so that they can play it and review it.

Project: Arrival will push the horizon for open world mobile games

Project: Arrival is an open-world game set in a futuristic world. The player will have to enter an intergalactic environment in 2122 just after a destructive interstellar war. From there they must survive in the harshest of environments while completing different objectives simultaneously.

Since the game is set in the future it is made up of various cyberpunk elements where there are high-tech weapons and gears for embarking on a journey of tough challenges which will push the players to their limits.

The open-world mode allows the players to be in full control of their gameplay. They can create homes, make friends, and craft new weapons as they wish. The main challenges are mutant beasts of gigantic sizes that are ready to devour any survivors. The player must progress by slaughtering them while looking out for survivors. Missions in the game range from killing beasts to collecting blueprints for building houses that serve as a safe haven for survivors.

MMC Society are yet to confirm a global release date for the game

Project: Arrival beta test gameplay

As of now, there is no information on the global release. However, hopefully, the developers will launch an open beta testing (when the game is made available for a large number of users) in the upcoming months if this closed beta test becomes successful. After that, players can expect an official release date for Project Arrival.

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Al Moha

Can you tell us when is going to open I really like this game so I want to know ❤

Christopher Gennaro

I downloaded the game a week ago now I can’t access it, did I do something wrong. Or is the game just not allowing me in?

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