Playable Factory launches its H5 Games service using HTML5

Service that recreates successful mobile games in HTML5!

H5 Games, a creative service that recreates successful mobile games in HTML5, for use on platforms like TikTok and Snap, is now available from Playable Factory, an intelligent marketing platform for mobile games. Following the launch of Apple’s app tracking transparency (ATT), mobile studios and publishers are increasingly looking for revenue opportunities outside of the Apple App Store and Google Play.

HTML5 gaming material is used on many of these social websites. The process of converting Unity games to high-quality HTML5 equivalents, on the other hand, has proved difficult. With low-quality images, performance concerns, and prohibitive file sizes, exporting games from Unity to HTML5 fails to capture the full grandeur of the original.

Playable Factory to maintain the quality of mobile games across all platforms using H5 games services

H5 Games is a solution for mobile game developers who lack the experience, ability, or funding to produce beautiful HTML5 games in-house. Playable Factory has already developed over 1,000 HTML5 playable ads for over 500 mobile game studios, developing realistic approximations of the complete games to boost user acquisition. Companies like Madbox were among the first to use H5 Games.

For too long, the mobile games industry has put up with low rent HTML5 solutions for Unity games. This has come into much sharper focus as user acquisition has become more challenging on iOS and greater numbers of companies look to publish their games on multiple platforms. As a company with years of creative and technical experience, and one of the best HTML5 development teams in the business, we chose to step up to the plate. We’re thrilled to be launching a service that will ensure mobile games retain their original quality of experience across all platforms.

Gökçe Nur Oguz, CEO and Co-Founder of Playable Factory

The development teams at Playable Factory have worked on runner, shooter, RPG, puzzle, word, idle, simulation, card, match3, merge, casual, and hyper-casual games. Regardless of genre, H5 Games’ optimized file sizes ensure that pictures and animations are as good as the original game.

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