Pokémon GO had the best year in 2019 in terms of revenue

launched in 2016, Pokémon GO is a free-to-play game that combines gaming with the real world. Pokémon GO is a mobile game developed by Niantic. According to Sensor Tower Store Intelligence report, Pokémon GO had the best year in 2019 in terms of revenue. The user spending amounted to approximately $832 million in 2019 which broke all the records of the game.

About Pokémon GO’s user spending in 2019

Sensor tower Store intelligence estimated the earnings of the game around $832 million from players spending. So, 2019 was definitely a remarkable year for Pokémon GO in collecting revenue. The game’s growth since 2017 has been because of both in-game and real-world events. The updates brought into the game have proved to be significant. One of the major updates was the introduction of franchise antagonist Team Rocket in the game in July end, 2019. This change brought about user spending of $116 million and $126 million in August and September respectively.

Pokémon GO had the best year in 2019

However, July-September 2016 was the time when the user spending was most, amounting to approximately $592 million in three months.

Player spendings

Regions wise user spending (Top 3)

  1. The United States- 38% of all user spending ($335 Million)
  2. Japan- 32% of all user spending ($286 Million)
  3. Germany- 6% of all user spending ($54 Million)

Platform-wise user spending

  1. Google Play- 54% of all user spending ($482 Million)
  2. App Store- 46% of all user spending ($412 Million)

Usually, most of the mobile games gross more on the iOS store, however, the case for Pokémon GO was the opposite.

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Downloads in 2019

The total downloads in 2019 accounted for 55 million in total.

Regions wise downloads (Top 3)

  1. The United States- 19% of total downloads (10 Million)
  2. Brazil- 10% of total downloads (5 Million)
  3. India- 6% of total downloads (More than 3 Million)

Platform-wise downloads

  1. Google Play store- 69% (38 Million)
  2. iOS- 31% (17 Million)

The total lifetime user spending of Pokémon GO has crossed $3.1 Billion. Thus, Pokémon GO had the best year in 2019. As compared to the other games, Pokémon GO stands at 5th position in earnings in 2019. Apart from this, the game dominated the location-based game revenue in 2019.

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