Pokemon Go: Datamine leaks two new Pokémons and an evolution mechanism

Is turning everything upside down the only way to evolve?

Datamine of the recent Pokemon GO‘s update revealed the addition of two new Pokemons and a new way to evolve them. As the patch rolled out, data miners from the game made their path into the files. The lines in Pokemon Go Datamine are clear about the inclusion of an evolution mechanism, the option to mass transfer Legendary and Mythical Pokemon, which is a long-awaited feature from players. This also includes the possible addition of two Pokemons from Pokemon Sword and Shield: Cursola and Galarian Slowking.

What are the new features added?

Cursola is the evolved form of the Galarian variant of Corsola, while Galarian Slowking is the evolved form of the Galarian Slowpoke. None of them is currently available on Pokemon GO, although there is another catch on their implementation. This is because Corsola is regionally exclusive.

Apart from that, miners have also found a new evolution mechanism present on Gen 6 Pokemon, that requires the player to hold the console upside down to evolve a Pokemon. This is taken as a hint to the addition of Inkay. Inkay is a Pokemon that require players to do the aforementioned step to achieve its evolution, Malamar.

Pokemon Go Mechanic Evolution
Files found by Dataminers

We should keep in mind that these are files found on the game by data miners. This does not indicate that they will necessarily reflect in-game available content any time soon. That being said, be sure to keep an eye on upcoming news on our site, and we’ll make sure that you won’t miss out, once they are implemented or discarded.

Also, we remind you that Pokemon GO is hosting Wayfarer events often. Be sure to check whether your country is expected to participate, as it yields a good amount of loot. Additionally, it improves the number of Pokestops available at the game.

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