Pokémon Go: Dataminers leaks reveal moves updates for Buzzwole, Xurkitree and more

Here's everything you need to know.

There is no doubt that Pokémon Go is one of the busiest and the most played games right now, with new events, updates, and content being regularly added to the game. Now, dataminers have revealed that Pokémon Go will be adding large moves updates for several Pokémon and a bunch of new things being added to the game.

Dataminers have revealed a number of changes coming to Pokémon Go

Data miners from popular leaks site Pokeminers have managed to get their hands on data that suggest that a lot of changes have been pushed to the Game Master earlier, these changes also include moves to some Pokémon move pools that include Pokémon with numbers ranging from 740 and beyond that.

They have also revealed that Ultra Beasts will be coming into Pokémon Go from now on a regular basis as more UBS have gained moves in the Game Master file. Some major changes in Pokémon Go according to data miners include: 

  • Xurkitree, Pheromosa, and Buzzwole got moves updated. 
  • Temp Evo Settings for Kangaskhan, Latias & Latios have been added. 
  • The Amaura and Tyrunt families’ gender ratio has been successfully fixed. 
  • All forms of Thundurus and Tornadus will now be Buddy Group Number 7 instead of 5.
  • White & Black Kyruem Buddy Group Number will now be 7 instead of 3. 
  • Evo settings for Kangaskhan, Latias & Latios have been added. 
  • Kangaskhan shadow catch rate was changed from 5 to 20%
  • Ultra Beasts has their class updated from Legendary to Ultra Beasts.

As a part of the changes taking place, Crush Claw and Fairy Wind have both been added to the game as potential moves for Pokémon. The following Pokémons will be getting moves updates:

Pokémon Go Buzzwole moves updates

Image via Niantic
  • Moves: Counter, Poison Jab
  • Buddy Distance: 20 Kilometres
  • Charge Moves: Super Power, Lunge, Power-Up Punch, Fell Stinger

Pokémon Go Xurkitree moves updates

  • Moves: Spark, Thunder Shock
  • Buddy Distance: 20 Kilometres
  • Charge Moves: Power Whip, Dazzling Gleam, and Thunder

Pokémon Go Pheromosa moves updates

  • Moves: Low Kick, Bug Bite
  • Buddy Distance: 20 Kilometres
  • Charge Moves: Bug Buzz, Close Combat, Focus Blast, and Lunge

Pokémon Go Lycanroc Dusk moves updates

  • Moves: Rock Throw, Crush Claw
  • Buddy Distance: 5 kilometers
  • Charge Moves: Crunch, Iron Hedge, and Stone Hedge

Pokémon Go Steene moves updates

Image via Niantic
  • Moves: Razor Leaf and Charm
  • Buddy Distance: 3 kilometers
  • Charge Moves: Energy Ball, Draining Kiss, and Grass Knot

Pokémon Go Sandygast:

  • Moves: Mud Shot and Astonish
  • Buddy Distance: 3 Kilometres
  • Charge Moves: Sand Tomb, Shadow Ball, and Earth Power

Pokémon Go Mudbray

  • Moves: Mud-Slap and Rock Smash
  • Buddy Distance: 3 Kilometres
  • Charge Moves: Bulldoze, Body Slam, and Earthquake

Pokémon Go Toxapex

Image via Niantic
  • Moves: Poison Jab and Bite
  • Buddy Distance: 3 kilometers
  • Charge Moves: Muddy Water, Gunk Shot, and Sludge Wave

These are some of the important updates made in terms of moves that were discovered by dataminers. Users can stay updated on all the information regarding the new updates by visiting the official website or by following the official social media handles.

What are your thoughts on the large moves updates revealed by dataminers of Pokémon Go? Let us know in the comments below!

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