Pokémon Go fans are upset over ‘A Mystic Hero’ bug that is resetting their progress

Niantic really owes some answers to the community this time!

Pokémon GO has one of the most engaging and reactive communities in the mobile gaming industry, which is quick to express their opinion over changes regarding the game. One such incident has resurfaced where A Mystic Hero event bug is resetting the progress of players in a limited-time event which has created widespread resentment among fans.

The bug is making players unable to finish the “A Mystic Hero” quest

Niantic does a really great job with the addition of new events in the game in a bid to keep the current players engaged and attract new players to the game. However, some of these events are limited-timed ones and need to be completed in a specifically timed window.

Currently, A Mystic Hero is one such event that is live in which the players need to complete several research tasks, including catching and evolving Pokemon and moving through different steps. However, due to a frustrating bug certain players of the community had to restart the event all over resulting in them losing all their progress.

The third step in the event is said to be bugged due to which players can’t complete the event and being a limited-time event it really doesn’t help. Niantic is yet to offer an explanation on the matter as to why some players are experiencing the bug.

However, this is not the first time when the community has been let down by in-game events. Some time back, the community also objected to the unusually high ticket price for an event in the game. Pokémon Go despite being a successful launch since its inception has surely seen a lot of ups and downs and the current bug is really proof of the statement.

Fans from all over the globe are experiencing the glitch

It’s not just that a few fans have experienced it, in fact, a lot of people from different regions of the world have complained about this on the internet. People from all over the world are facing the issue, as gamers from the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan, for instance, have all claimed to suffer from the same glitch.

Pokémon GO A Mystic Hero Event
Image via Niantic

No official response has been released from the developer’s end and it will be really interesting to see how they would respond to it.

What are your thoughts on Pokémon Go fans experiencing a Mystic Hero Bug recently? Let us know in the comments below!

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