Pokémon Go players are upset about the research ticket cost of Keldeo

Pokémon Go fans are confused if the event is extra-ordinary or extra-extortionary!

Pokémon Go, once a trending mobile game with thriving communities of players all around the world, is slowly becoming a shadow of its former self, as claimed by many users around the world. This string of accusations came at a time when Pokémon Go launched their Mythic blade event, Something extraordinary in which Keldeo as a new Pokémon was being featured. Although the players appreciated the fact that a new Pokémon was being added to the game, they were left unsatisfied with the price of the research ticket for Keldeo.

Players have expressed their displeasure with the high price for a Keldeo Research Ticket

This sudden surge in monetary aspects of the game has left fans all across the globe infuriated. To make matters even worse not only the price of the Research Ticket was high, but there was also a regional disparity in the research ticket pricing. The ticket costs around $8.00 in the United States, but it costs around $11 in Europe.

According to some Pokémon Go players in a Reddit thread, even $8.00 is a price too high for Keldeo. The in-depth details of Keldeo being offered in the event are missing, hence it’s hard to predict the IV stat spread of the Pokémon. There is a high chance that the Keldeo on offer with the something extraordinary ticket might not just be that extraordinary.

Pokémon Go players have a history of public spats with Niantic, this is not the first time they have raised the In-game prices, earlier this year there was a sudden increase in the prices of In-game elements like incubators and other cosmetic items. Hence this displeasure regarding surging prices is not an immediate effect but rather an accumulating one.

Pokemon Go, Pokemon Go Keldeo
Image via Niantic

The issue has caused such a stir that many players are asking other users to boycott the event, in order to send a message to Niantic over the ever-rising In-game prices. The event has really tested the players to their limits, and it seems that the players have had enough of the monetary inflation caused by Niantic. It is yet to be seen how Niantic responds to this widespread discontentment from the fans.

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