Pokemon GO: Niantic has transformed the Kecleon bug into an official feature

By the beginning of 2023, Kecleon finally made its much-anticipated debut in Pokemon GO, and players adored its distinctive entrance into the mobile monster-catching game. In Pokemon Go, players must approach Pokestops and attempt to spin them in order to find Kecleon. Players must spin an invisible Kecleon off of the Pokestop in order to combat it if it is on it. After the most recent version update, it appears like Niantic has turned one of the bugs related to discovering Kecleon into a functional game feature.

The new feature removes much of the guesswork to find these Pokemon

After the update, a sharp-eyed trainer on the TheSilphRoad subreddit found a letter from Niantic. According to the notice, if a pokestop was tapped, Kecleon would become visible on Pokestops outside the trainer’s range. Niantic added the bug as a feature to the game rather than just fixing it. Understandably, this reduces the difficulty of tracking down Kecleon in the wild and takes some of the guesswork out of the process.

Pokemon GO Kecleon Bug
Image via Niantic

Players can now essentially tap on a Pokestop to reveal an invisible Kecleon on the map, even if they were outside of the walking radius. Niantic retained it and put it into Pokemon GO rather than patching it out, which has earned praise from the public.

The majority of commenters expressed their satisfaction with Niantic’s choice to keep it, although some didn’t realize this wasn’t the functionality that was planned. Another reader pointed out that this isn’t the first time a bug has been made permanent through a subsequent update, citing the example of the beneficial “Remember Last Ball Used” bug.

Since that this isn’t the first time an accidentally beneficial Pokemon Go bug has been turned into a feature, users may encounter more of these occurrences in the future. This great small adjustment should make it easier for more trainers to find Kecleon when they go to Pokestops.

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