Pokémon UNITE August 2023 Datamine leaks reveal new Pokemon and PTS changes

With the ongoing 2nd anniversary events, the Pokémon Unite community is surely engaging themselves in trying to get Mewtwo X. It has already been confirmed that Mewtwo Y would succeed in its alter form this month as an attacker. However, the game of Pokémon Unite does not stop joining the roster there, as datamine leaks add up to the story in August 2023.

Pokémon UNITE August 2023 Datamine leaks: Expected Pokémon release dates

As it was revealed by reliable dataminer ElChicoEevee and reported by us, Blaziken, Mimiukyu, and Metagross are a few of the Pokémon coming to the fray following the Mewtwo duo. The next one is, as we speculated earlier, the Paldean starter Meowscarada. The Grass-type would be a speedster according to the speculations, however. While Blaziken’s release is almost official, as it is available in the Public Test Server, its arrival is postponed to September from July, because of the two Mewtwo forms.

The release of the speculated Attacker/Speedster Meowscarada is estimated in late September, following Blaziken, according to claims. It is also being speculated in the Pokémon Unite community that, the month of October would add Metagross and Mimikyu to the game. The recent social media and community claims state that Mimikyu would be followed by Pokemon like Falinks and Gyarados.

Pokémon UNITE August 2023 Datamine leaks
Image via The Pokémon Company

Although there are no claims of their absolute arrival, still, the community can expect these arrivals later this year. Finally, the claim of ElChicoEevee a long time ago, that Tropius would also arrive in the game (as a defender), might also be true at the year-end, according to the claims.

Pokémon UNITE August 2023 Datamine leaks: PTS Patch notes

The following changes are to be made to the following Pokemon in the Public Test Server, and soon, to the official game too:

Mewtwo X

Future Sight

Damage limit to the player: 0 to 2000


  • Movement speed increased: 30% reduced to 10%
  • Damage increase: 20% reduced to 10%


Damage increase: 30% reduced to 15%

Mewtwo Y

Mega Evolution

  • SpA increase: 20% reduced to 10%
  • Max HP increase: 20% to 10%

Future Sight

  • CD 6s to 8s
  • Damage limit to the player: 0 to 2000


  • CD 7.5s increased to 9s
    • 27% SpA + 3 x (Level – 1) + 87 to 24.3% SpA + 2 x (Level – 1) + 78
    • 90% SpA + 8 x (Level – 1) + 290 to 81% SpA + 7x (Level – 1) + 260


CD 6s increased to 10s


CD 8s increased to 12s

Final Thoughts

Overall, it seems both the Mewtwo forms would be undergoing nerfs, given how powerful they were in the game. We will see how much Mewtwo gets nerfed in the normal server.

What are your thoughts on the August 2023 Datamine leaks in Pokémon Unite? Let us know in the comments below.

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