Pokémon Unite datamine leaks reveal Mewtwo X/Y’s movesets and how to get it for free

Mewtwo and its event in the 2nd anniversary!

As correctly predicted by us in the Mewtwo announcement, the legendary Mewtwo would be indeed coming for free. According to the reliable data mine leaker ElChicoeeve, who has also revealed the leaks of Mewtwo movesets and its gameplay, the Pokémon would be obtainable via an event, named Crystal Cave Event in the Pokémon Unite 2nd anniversary. Let us take a quick peek into what Mewtwo and the 2nd-anniversary event have to offer.

Pokémon Unite Datamine Leaks: Mewtwo Gameplay and Movesets revealed

Firstly, it has been revealed that Mewtwo X would be a melee-all-rounder, whereas, Mewtwo Y would be a ranged-attacker. There was quite an uncertainty as to how Mewtwo X or Y would appear. Despite all the estimations, here is what ElChicoeevee has revealed about the Pokemon’s gameplay and moves:

Ability: Pressure (10-second timer)

Mewtwo has a Mega Gauge that charges up when it deals damage to opposing Pokemon with its basic attack. The more the gauge increases, the more Mewtwo’s Attack, Defense, and Sp. Defense increases (Mega X) or Mewtwo’s Sp. Attack and basic attack speed increases (Mega Y).

It Mega Evolves when the Mega Gauge becomes full (at level 5 and higher) for a short time, increasing their Attack, Defense, Sp. Defense (Mega X); Sp. Attack, and basic attack speed (Mega Y) even further. Also, their movement speed increases when it Mega Evolves.

Other moves (in Espanyol)

  • Confusion (Confusión) (When level 5, learns either:)
  • Psystrike (Onda Mental)
  • Future Sight (Premonición)
  • Barrier (Barrera) (When level 7, learns either:)
  • Teleport (Teletransporte)
  • Recover (Recuperación)

Unite Move: Infinite Psyburn (CD: 112 seconds) (Learns when at level 9)

Pokémon Unite leaks Mewtwo movesets
Image via The Pokémon Company

Mewtwo damages every opposing Pokemon in the map, has AoE damage, and leaves them incapacitated. Mega Mewtwo X decreases Opposing Pokemon’s Defense for a short time while Mega Mewtwo Y decreases Sp. Defense.

How to obtain Mewtwo for free from the Crystal Cave event

Just like the Zacian unlock event, obtaining Mewtwo would also require rolling the dice. Here’s what the event might look like, as per ElChicoeeve.

  1. When players log in during the event, they can obtain up to Mewtwo dice per day. They can roll a die to advance the number of squares rolled. They can only own one die obtained by logging in at a time.
  2. If players are not happy with the number you rolled, they can re-roll the die using Aeos coins. If they roll again, you will get a higher number than your previous roll. They can roll each dice a maximum of Mewtwo times.
  3. When you land on a square, you will unlock tile missions with different difficulty levels based on the square’s number. You cannot roll your next die until you’ve completed one of the tile missions of the square you are currently on.
  4. When you reach a point on the map where the path branches, you can choose which way to go, and there is a set chance you can obtain more rewards if you choose the path with tile missions that have higher difficulty levels: Mewtwo X Cave coin(s): % X cave coin(s): %
  5. Landing on a lucky square will allow you to advance further by the number shown on the lucky square.
  6. You can obtain dice by logging in every day, as well as by exchanging event points obtained in Panic Parade for dice.
  7. If you have more than one die, you will roll the die obtained by logging in first.

Upcoming holowears and Battle Pass revealed too

The news is that the next Battle Pass would feature Zacian and Greedent. The theme would be pirates. Several other holowears are also to come till September, which include:

Pokémon Unite leaks Mewtwo Battlepass skins
Image via The Pokémon Company
  • Theatre-style Sylveon
  • Martial Arts Style (X): Mewtwo
  • Martial Arts Style (Y): Mewtwo
  • Special Style (Navy): Hoopa
  • Tuxedo Style (Blue-Green): Buzzwol
  • Orange Unite Style: Blaziken
  • Purple Unite Style: Blaziken
  • Marching Band Style: Dragonite
  • Marching Band Style: Inteleon
  • Magician Style: Chandelure
  • Captain Style: Zacian (Battle Pass)
  • Captain Style: Lucario
  • Songstress Style: Lapras

Pokemon to succeed Mewtwo and Blaziken in Pokemon Unite gets revealed

Now, as it was reported earlier that the release of Blaziken would be postponed to September, there is more news coming about new arrivals in the game. Reliable datamine leaker @elchicoeevee has recently revealed the names of the Pokemon coming after Blaziken. Mimiukyu and Metagross are two of them. The third one is, as we speculated earlier, the Paldean starter Meowscarada. The Grass-type would be a speedster according to the speculations, however.

Rest assured, we will publish the guide once the Mewtwo Crystal Cave Event arrives.

What are your thoughts on Pokémon Unite leaks of the Mewtwo movesets and its event? Let us know in the comments below.

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