Pokémon UNITE Battle Pass Season 5 leaks show a Wild West theme titled ‘New Sheriff in Town’

Get ready cowboys for some wild west actions

With just 10 days left for the Season 4 battle pass to end, leaks surfaced online for the upcoming Pokemon UNITE season 5 battle pass. Along with this, there are also leaks for the next playable pokemon that is Aegislash, just after the latest patch update.

Thanks to Sobble’s Unite Datamine, we have a clear picture of what’s incoming in the battle pass season 5, ‘New Sheriff in Town’.

Pokemon Unite Season 5 Battle pass – ‘New Sheriff in Town’

From the leak we can see that for the next season Wild West will be the new theme. Since there are just a few days left in the season 4 battle pass leak we can expect season 5 very soon. Please do note that these are just leaks from early game development and things are subject to change during the final release. 

New Holowears for Zeraora and Dragonite

The season 5 battle pass brings wild west themed Holowear to two Pokemons

  • Zeraora 
  • Dragonite

The holowear for Zeraora doesn’t just bring a wild west skin on top Zeraora but brings a brand new recall animation as well. When the recall is called Zeraora goes through a building that resembles a Saloon to get back to the base. This change definitely makes it feel like it’s the wild wild west. Zeraora gun holders and hats make look like a cowboy. On the other hand, we have Dragonite looking like a farmer with a scarf on his neck. 

Pokemon Unite Season 5 Battle Pass: New Character Outfit

Pokémon UNITE Battle Pass Season 5
Image via The Pokemon Company

Pokemons are not the only ones that will be getting a wild west upgrade. Even players will be getting some brand new wild west themed character outfits. From the above we can see that there two kinds of outfit players will be receiving. One of them looks like a sheriff’s outfit. But instead of a sheriff badge, they get a cool Pokeball logo on their belt. This subtle change elevates the whole wild west theme that Pokemon Unite is embracing for this update. The second outfit looks like a wild west normal people’s outfit. The outfit resembles that of a normal people of the wild west.

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