Pokémon Unite commercial aired in Japan has fans hyped for the game

The ad is funky and comic, bringing light humor to the game

After its release on Android and iOS, Pokémon Unite has been receiving a lot of hype around the world for its new take on the traditional MOBA which includes goal zones instead of towers and scoring Aeos Energy points instead of destroying bases. It has become increasingly popular among fans of both the iconic anime series and the MOBA genre, crossing over 10 million downloads in just a few days. A new commercial was uploaded by Pokémon Unite Japan adding fuel to the already rising flame of popularity and attracting the attention of millions of fans around the world.

Comic commercial for Pokémon Unite getting fans hyped

A comic commercial for Pokémon Unite was aired on September 27 in Japan attracting the attention of fans around the world despite the language being Japanese and indiscernible to a majority of the community. Perfectly suited to match the theme of Pokémon Unite, the ad is funky and comic, bringing light humor to the game along with successfully getting the message across of how it’s played all in just a matter of 15 seconds.

The commercial starts with a team running for battle showing all the players with each Pokémon. Mr. Mime swoops in the jungle first, blocking the opponent Pokémon and protecting the ally Venusaur with his shield ability while the opponents are trying to shove themselves through unsuccessfully. 

Soon after, viewers see the perfect use of Pikachu’s Unite Move when three of the opponents have cornered the electric mouse after which he uses his Unite-o Move completely obliterating them and sending them back to their base.

In the end, Greninja scores a goal of 17 points with the commentator yelling “Goal” and the Greninja player herself waving her fist in the air showing their victory.

For those wondering what the ad says besides the only discernable word being Pokémon Unite-o, here’s a translation of the commercial:

“Pokémon Unite! Begin!
A team of 5 rushing into the stadium!
Mr. Mime saves an ally!
Charging…. And here it comes, Unite move!
Pokémon Unite, free to download!”

Final Thoughts

Produced by Pokémon Unite Japan, the ad was posted on Twitter attracting the attention of fans around the world for its humorous take on the game along with accurately displaying what the game is all about. The hype is rightly deserved, despite the game having bugs and glitches, the game is still a fun, casual experience to play with friends and the entirely new take on the traditional MOBA is a refreshing experience for fans of the genre. Pokémon Unite has been successful so far and fans are excited to see what’s in store in the future.

What are your thoughts about the Pokémon Unite commercial that aired in Japan? Let us know in the comment section below!

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