Pokémon Unite global launch time based on your country

Tomorrow is a big day, trainers!

Pokémon Unite, the highly-anticipated MOBA title, is coming out globally tomorrow. Unlike other Pokémon games, this one is different in its genre. The hype has been skyrocketing among the fans. The release date was announced last August, and the game started taking pre-registrations as well. It’s a free-to-play game with optional in-app purchases. With the countdown to the launch of Pokémon Unite finally beginning, here’s how to find the local launch time according to the player’s country of residence.

Pokémon Unite launch time in different countries

The game will be launched at 8:00 AM, United Kingdom time. Here’s a list of some countries with the local launch time-

CountryLocal time
PhilippinesWednesday, 3:00 PM 
Myanmar  Wednesday, 1:30 PM
Thailand Wednesday, 2:00 PM
Indonesia Wednesday, 2:00 PM
Singapore Wednesday, 3:00 PM
Brazil Wednesday, 4:00 AM
Cambodia Wednesday, 2:00 PM
United States  Wednesday, 3:00 AM
India  Wednesday, 12:30 PM
Japan  Wednesday, 4:00 PM
South Korea  Wednesday, 4:00 PM
Canada Wednesday, 3:00 AM
Australia  Wednesday, 5:00 PM
New Zealand  Wednesday, 7:00 PM
Singapore  Wednesday, 3:00 PM
Mexico  Wednesday, 2:00 AM
Vietnam  Wednesday, 2:00 PM
Argentina  Wednesday, 4:00 AM
Cuba Wednesday, 3:00 AM
Venezuela  Wednesday, 3:00 AM

Pokémon Unite features at global release

As far we know, the game will include plenty of features, including a new battle pass, a clan system, Unite license for trainers, and others. Here’s a brief about all the features coming with the game at the global launch

Pokémon Unite first official tournament, Pokemon Unite global launch time
Image via The Pokemon Company

Galactic Ghost 094 battle pass

Pokémon Unite is coming with a new battle pass system named Galactic Ghost 094. It will begin on Wednesday, September 22. To give the name meaning, the battle pass theme is based on space items that will make their debut. By completing relevant daily and weekly missions, players will raise the level of their battle pass and receive exclusive rewards based on the level they’re at. A premium pass is available as well. Purchasing will earn more rewards.

Cross-progression with Nintendo Switch

As the game supports a cross-platform system, the progress will be saved even if a trainer switches the account to other devices. It’ll require to link an account with a Nintendo Account or Pokémon Trainer Club account, trainers will be able to access the same Pokémon Unite account on both Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

Pokémon Unite transfer saved data
Image via The Pokémon Company

Unite squads

Both the Nintendo Switch and mobile versions of the game will have this feature coming tomorrow. Players can create their squads or can join others to connect with them. Based on the experience with other games, it is most likely to have an invite system to join a squad or connect with others. Also, players can cooperate with others who have the same playstyle by searching with squad tags.

Pokémon Unite license for Zeraora

The game allowed getting the Unite license for Zeraora, as the launch bonus in Nintendo Switch, before August 31, from the in-game mail. Don’t worry if you couldn’t claim it then. You can still claim it through a special mission starting tomorrow. If you have the Unite license for Zeraora already, Aeos coins can be claimed instead.

Notes from the team

The game will continue to add more playable Pokémon and make balance adjustments to both Pokémon and the maps. Additionally, new themed events and other compelling content will come to make Pokémon Unite even more fun and rewarding. The most interesting news is the team is developing a new mode of play designed to level the playing field for all trainers, regardless of their held items’ grades.

“We’re dedicated to making every Unite Battle as fun and engaging as possible, and the changes above represent some of the many ways we’re working toward that goal. We look forward to continuing to hear our players’ reception and feedback as we work with all of you toward an experience that all fans can enjoy. Thank you all for your continued support and interest in Pokémon Unite”

Hoshino, producer, Pokémon UNITE

The fun starts tomorrow

With the game making its debut on mobile devices tomorrow, we’ll get to see more content in it. The joy will be multiplied as players are getting exciting rewards as the game has promised. We have witnessed the game’s first official tournament as well. So, an esports scene is hoped to be created as the game progresses.

Download the game and jump into the 5v5 action scene with your favorite Pokémons!

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This Game is Not available for Europe Bosnia 🇧🇦


when will it be avaibele


Is it not available in your country? If you guys can provide me with a list of countries where it is not available, I”ll try reaching out to the devs and see if I can get any answer. Please let me know.



Alexander Dalsou

Not Available In Saint Lucia

Vit chun

Not in vietnam

Henri Stafa

it isnt avaible in Albania


also in taiwan . not available in my country


Not available in Cambodia also

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Not available in Bangladesh


Not available in middle east all countries of middle eastern i want the game so bad middle east countries such as:
United Arab of Emirates
Saudi Arabia

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Not available in Central America.


It’s not available in Trinidad and Tobago



Ur mom

Bosnia and Herzegovina

kim reachratana

cambodia as well. i been waiting for years.

Arbhi Kazi

Not available in Bangladesh


Not available in nepal

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It is not available in nepal.please release it in Nepal too


30mins after and still not available in Cambodia. What’s going on ?


Not available in Cambodia yet been waiting forever please fix this

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