Pokémon Unite December 20, 2021 patch notes (patch Pikachu gets a huge buff

Meta may not have a drastic change

Pokémon Unite patch is here with a brand new battle pass season 4. Named as Agents of Disaster, this new season brings in special skins for Absol and Pikachu. The December 20, 2021 patch also brings in a couple of balance changes to the Pokemon roster and some common bug fixes.

Pokémon Unite patch notes: Balance changes

Venusaur (adjusted)

With the previous changes in Venusaur, it seems players are still sticking to Petal Dance, probably because it gives a speed boost and to make the players use the other abilities, the dev team has been nerfing it continuously.

  • Petal Dance: Effects on the user weakened.
  • Solar Beam: Cooldown Reduced
  • Sludge Bomb: Range Increased
  • Verdant Anger: Area of Effect Adjusted

Wigglytuff (nerfed)

  • Starlight Recital: Shield Reduced. Duration Reduced.

Zeraora (nerfed)

This pokemon has been getting nerfs back to back but is still a viable pick. With this recent nerf once again, it will be interesting to see if Zeraora is being used in the Master league gameplays.

Pokemon Unite Zeraora, Pokémon Unite Zeraora Guide
Pokemon Unite Zeraora (Image via The Pokemon Company)
  • Spark: Damage dealt decreased
  • Wild Charge: Bug Fixes

Gardevoir (nerfed)

  • Moonblast: Cooldown increased. Move Downgrade.
  • Psyshock: Damage Decreased
  • Future Sight: Bug fixes.

Eldegoss (adjusted)

  • Leaf Tornado: Damage deccreased.
  • Cotton Spore: Damage Increased. Cooldown reduced. Duration increased. Effects on enemies increased. Effects on user strengthened.

Crustle (buffed)

  • Boosted Attacks: Damage increased.

Tsareena (nerfed)

  • Triple Axel: Effects on the user weakened.

Slowbro (buffed)

  • Oblivious: Stat Increases. Changed to: Has the Pokémon store up lost HP for a short time. When hitting an enemy with a move, the Pokémon restores some of its HP using the stored-up HP, and it also decreases the enemy’s SpDef for a short time.
  • Amnesia +: Increases SpDef

Decidueye (buffed)

The archer pokemon is still not being used as it is supposed to be. So it is getting another buff with the Pokémon Unite patch.

decidueye pokemon unite
Pokemon Unite Decidueye (Image via The Pokemon Company)
  • Spirit Shackle: Cooldown reduced.
  • Leaf Storm: Cooldown reduced. Ranged increased. Effects on enemies strengthened. Damage increased
  • Leafage: Damage increased.

Cinderace (buffed)

  • Blaze Kick +: Effects on the user strenghened.
  • Feint: Cooldown reduced

Pikachu (buffed)

The cute rat pokemon is getting a huge buff in this new patch with many of the stats are now increased. So the trainers will probably see Pikachu very often in all leagues of gameplay.

Pokemon Unite Pikachu
Pokemon Unite Pikachu (Image via The Pokemon Company)
  • Thunder Shock: Damage increased.
  • Volt Tackle: Damage increased.
  • Thunderstorm: Charge rate increased.

Sylveon (adjusted)

  • Bug fixes.

Pokémon Unite patch notes: Bug fixes

Remoat Stadium

There was a bug in the Corphish and now it has been fixed.

With the release of Dragonite in Pokemon Unite, plenty of balance changes has been made. Although with these changes, the meta may not have a drastic change, definitely there will be some changes in the playstyle for the players.

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