Pokémon UNITE: Glaceon is reportedly leaked by dataminers

ElChicoEevee is back with another leak!

Another topping to the cake might be on the way for Eevee lovers in Pokemon UNITE. After the recent release of Espeon, another evolution is in the queue for Eevee which can be Glaceon. The datamine which has been leaked from dataminers says that Glaceon is available already in Pokémon UNITE and waiting on its way to join the 5v5 battle arena.

Glaceon: The next Eeveelution is on its way

Eevee has a total of 8 evolutions, making itself a unique and fan-loved Pokémon. Pokemon UNITE has already two Eeveelutions introduced in the game, which are Sylveon and Espeon. Espeon has been the most recent Eeveelution released in the game. It was already speculated that more of Eeveelutions might be coming soon. Following the hypothesis, the latest leak from ElChicoEevee shows that Glaceon could be the next ready to be surfaced Eeveelution.

ElChicoEevee, a very accurate dataminer of the game tweeted a photo, showing a new border around the in-match level of a Pokemon. It’s already known that a similar distinctive border/indicator was used for Espeon to separate it from the other evolution Sylveon, which was released before it.

Pokémon UNITE Glaceon leaked
Image via Sonic Pokemon Wiki

Glaceon leak was in for a while now or at least that’s what it looks like from the post of ElChicoEevee. It has also been stated that the leaked news is not a certain one. As of now, only the indicator has been found and that is too little too much evidence to state the fact that Glaceon is a must. But, the probability of casting another Eeveelution was always waving hand. With this possible landing of Glaceon, fans are now highly anticipating the completion of the whole evolution set of Eevee. 

Final Thoughts

Although the presence of Glaceon has not been guaranteed, the community is already hyped. If Glaceon is released soon in the game, everyone might start a countdown for the release of all the other evolutions of Eevee. It is way too early to comment on anything about Glaceon’s role in the game. We will just have to wait a little longer for some official announcement to get further assurance.

What are your thoughts on the fact that Pokémon UNITE Glaceon has been leaked by dataminers? Let us know in the comment section below!

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