Pokémon Unite January 2023 Leaks reveal Zacian, the upcoming Pokémon and Ranked season rewards

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Many Pokémon Unite battlers would be aware of the probable future Pokémon coming to the roster. However, not long after we reported the set of Pokémon that may be coming to the game, reliable data mine leaker ElChicoEevee has now come up with almost a guaranteed addition to the roster. Before we reveal the upcoming Pokémon according to reports, not that the previous set of Pokemon was speculated and is about the distant future. However, the latest January 2023 Leaks is about a more sure addition of Zacian in the near future of Pokémon Unite.

Zacian: The next Pokémon to join the Unite battles

As per the dataminer Elchicoevee’s tweet, the next Pokemon to join the roster would be Zacian. The Generation VIII Pokémon would be the next playable legendary in the game, after Urshifu‘s arrival recently. In the Pokéverse, it is a Fairy and Steel-type Pokémon. Furthermore, it has 2 forms (not evolutionary) just like Urshifu. Although, as of now there is no further information available on the role it will be playing in the game, or the forms it might have. But, since it is also a steel type, chances are there it might just be an All-rounder, or maybe an Attacker.

Pokémon Unite January 2023 Leaks Zacian
Image via ElChicoEevee Twitter

The date of Zacian’s arrival is speculated to be the 27th of February 2023, on Pokémon Day, just like last year’s Hoopa. Also, rumours have it that Zacian might be free of cost, unlockable from any event. Furthermore, it would be interesting to watch if this year’s Pokémon Day arrival (Zacian) also arrives with a holowear, just like the last year’s (Hoopa).

Pokémon Unite MOBA: Ranked Season 10 rewards revealed

Ranked Season 10 rewards
Image via ElChicoEevee Twitter

It has been a long time since the game stopped rewarding Pokemon skins as Ranked rewards. For the 10th Ranked season too, the rewards would be the usual trainer costume, snapshot frame, background and sticker. However, the theme this time would be purple, according to the leaks.

Final Thoughts

It indeed seems January is going to be a dry month in Pokémon Unite. With the speculated arrival of a supporter Comfey in February, Zacian is also about to come after it in the same month. Hence, perhaps no arrivals in this very month. However, rest assured that we would let you know if some speculation for this month arrives.

What are your thoughts about the release of Zacian in Pokémon Unite, as per the datamine leaks in the month of January 2023? Let us know in the comments below!

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