Pokémon Unite March leaks reveal Leafon, another Eevelution, skins and several other changes coming to the game

New Eevelution coming into the game!

A prediction we made after the release of Sylveon is seemingly becoming reality now. Eeeve has another form coming into the Pokémon Unite MOBA, and it isn’t Umbreon we are talking about. According to reliable dataminer Elchicoeevee and Unite MOBA Youtube content creator, Spragels, leaks have confirmed that Leafon and more skins, another Eeveelution is indeed coming to Pokémon Unite in March, and the news has everyone pretty excited. Besides the new Pokémon, there are several other changes coming to the game too, which have been discussed below.

Leafon: Another Eevelution joins the fray

Not much time has passed since we came to know that the Dark-type evolution of Eevee will be arriving in the game as a defender. However, now it has been speculated that the Grass-type Eevee form would also be arriving in the game. Leafeon, the Grass-type eevelution is coming soon in the game within the next few months. Its arrival would complete the set of 5 Eevee forms, and the developers indeed have other plans behind it too.

Pokémon Unite March leaks Leafon skins
Image via The Pokémon Company

As per Elchicoeevee, there might be a similar ‘Eeve-party’ Game mode, just like the past Pikaparty mode. Furthermore, this mode might allow either of the 5 Eevelutions per user and the boss might also be a Gigantamax form of Eevee. However, it still isn’t clear which role Leafeon might play. Our speculation would be as an Attacker, or as an All-rounder. The Checkered-style skin would be available now for all the Eevee forms, as well as Leafeon.

Several new features coming to the game

There is speculation regarding the arrival of Lobby Backgrounds after Elchicoevee tweeted this:

Pokémon Unite March leaks features
Image via The Pokémon Company

Hence, surely, a lot is coming to UNITE in the coming days. However, only time will tell if they are exchangeable for money or can be unlocked via events.

Some skin names and rewards revealed

These names found in beta might be arriving in the game:

  • Explorer Style: Charizard
  • Scientist Style: Dragapult
  • Battle Pass Related:
    • Ghost Style: Zoroark
    • Graceful Style: Talonflame
Pokémon Unite March leaks Leafon skins
Image via The Pokémon Company

Besides, a log-in reward based on Generation IX Pokemon Lechonk is soon coming to the game. The rewards include Snapshot frames, stickers, etc. as per Elchicoeevee.

Final Thoughts

The list of Pokemon coming after the current Zacian is long. Goodra, Lapras, Chandelure, Umbreon, and now Leafeon. Further speculations from Youtuber Spragels also suggest the arrival of Generation IX Water-type starter Quaxly. Only time will tell if it is coming or not. Also, make sure to let us know how you felt using Chandelure and Umbreon in the Public Test Server.

What are your thoughts on the Pokémon Unite March leaks revealing Leafon, a new Eevelution, new skins and more? Let us know in the comment section below.

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