Pokémon Unite: New Cramorant bug makes Cramorant invincible

Be careful, as it might get you banned!

Recently, a bug in Pokémon Unite has been discovered. This Pokémon Unite bug allows Cramorant to become invincible for the entire game, which means one cannot deal damage to Cramorant. In this situation, Cramorant can deal damage to the player.

Pokémon Unite Cramorant bug: How the bug works

The video above demonstrates how the bug functions. When Cramorant’s score animation is interrupted by picking up a fish from the whirlpool, it will cause a glitch where Cramorant remains invincible after scoring.

How players are exploting the Cramorant bug

One must note that if one is going to attempt this bug, that he doesn’t do it in an online match. This might get them banned.

  1. Select Cramorant as the Pokémon and pick goal-getter as the battle item.
  2. Get some points to score with, it can be any amount but can be done quicker with less points.
  3. One must stand in an enemy goal and use Goal Getter, Whirlpool under you. This is followed by scoring in the given order. One must make sure you execute each of these steps quickly

To make sure one does not have a boosted attack before scoring, the glitch will not work.

Response to the bug from developers

The developers have responded to the bug, and said that they are currently investigating the issue. Judging by the severity of the bug, it will hopefully be patched soon. Until this bug is patched, it is advised that you do not play any games, especially in ranked mode, until this game-breaking bug is fixed.

What are your thoughts about the new Cramorant bug in Pokémon Unite? Let us know in the comment section below!

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