Pokémon Unite November 2022 datamine leaks reveal new Pokémon, Held items and more

A new support Pokémon is coming to the game!

With the announcement of Urshifu and Dragupult in the Pokémon Unite MOBA, renowned data miner @elchicoeevee has now come up with yet huge datamine leaks for November 2022. Besides claiming the arrival of a new Pokémon, he also wrote about several changes to be made in the game. Let’s take a quick peek into the overall leaks.

Datamine Leaks reveal the arrival of Comfey, a new supporter

It seems the game is going on a Supporter-addition fest. After Clefable and Sableye, now they are about to introduce yet another supporter. As per Elchicoeevee, the new supporter is going to be Comfey from Generation VII. The fairy-type from Alola is going to be such a supporter which would essentially need to stick to an ally.

As of now, Comfey’s moves have come out. The leaked moves are as follows: Triage, Vine Whip, Floral Healing, Floral Healing+, Magical Leaf, Magical Leaf+, Sweet Kiss, Sweet Kiss+, Grass Knot, and Grass Knot+. Also, the actions these moves might do are given below in a list: 

  • The Pokémon gains one flower whenever a set amount of time passes. 
  • The Pokémon gains four flowers when it enters tall grass and can have a maximum of eight flowers. 
  • When the Pokémon uses Synthesis, Floral Healing, or Sweet Kiss, all flowers attached to it are consumed, and the effects of those moves are boosted. 
  • Also, this Pokémon’s movement speed increases when near an ally Pokémon at half remaining HP or less. 
  • The Pokémon can attach itself to an ally Pokémon when it uses Synthesis, Floral Healing, or Sweet Kiss. While attached, the Pokémon with this Ability is not affected by attacks, and it gradually recovers HP. 
  • When the ally Pokémon this Pokémon has attached to gains more Aeos energy than the maximum it can hold, this Pokémon takes the excess. 
  • Finally, when the ally Pokémon this Pokémon has attached to score a goal, this Pokémon scores with the same amount of energy. 

Leaks also suggest the addition of new Battle and Held items

The datamine leaks suggest that there would be several new Held Items, and a Battle Item too. according to Elchicoevee, there would be around 6 new ‘Held Items’, of which information about only 2 is available currently. The two items with information available are: 

  • Drain Crown (Restores HP equal to % of damage dealt with Attack-based basic attacks). 
  • Rapid-Fire Scarf (Increases your Pokémon’s basic attack speed by a % for a short time after three basic attacks).
Pokémon Unite datamine leaks
Image via Elchicoeevee on Twitter

The other 4 items and the stats they affect are as follows:

  • Slick Spoon (Sp. Atk) 
  • Curse Bangle (Atk) 
  • Curse Incense (Sp. Atk) 
  • Rescue Hood (HP and Move Speed)

The Battle item, as per the leaks would be called Shedinja Mask. With the help of it, one might become immune to damage and hindrances for a short time, but at the same time would also become incapacitated. 

Gift Exchange Mechanism upgrade and Draft Mode might also arrive soon

Besides the two massive leaks stated above, it also has been suggested that there would be an upgrade in the Gift Exchange mechanism of the game. Before, one could only exchange coins with their Unit friends. However, shortly, one might be able to gift Holowears, costumes, and licenses to one’s friends. Not only that, but also they can gift their friends with a Battle Pass for a season. Time to reckon your rich friends maybe.

Lastly, Elchicoeevee’s recent tweet also suggests that the Draft mode in the game is imminent, as we had reported earlier. In this mode, both teams can choose to omit Pokémon of their choices entirely from the game. As per our previous reports, and also as things stand now, this mode would only be available for Master rank players. 

What are your thoughts on the recent Pokémon Unite Datamine leaks of November 2022? Let us know in the comment section below!

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