Pokémon Unite will soon release Dragupult and Urshifu, the Pokémon duo to its roster

New Pokémon getting added to the game!

Pokémon Unite MOBA, after its series of Supporter and Speedster releases, has now diverted its plans. They have released the first attacker since Mew’s arrival in the game. Alongside Dragupult, there is another all-rounder Urshifu, as per the signs shown by the Public Test Server of the game. According to the leaks, the two new Pokémon of Dragupult and Urshifu will soon see their release in Pokémon Unite. Let’s take a quick peep into the two new Pokemon.

Pokémon Unite upcoming Attacker: Dragupult

It was quite clear for Pokémon Unite fans that after two Supporters and Speedsters, it would either be a Defender or Attacker next. The latter option was preferred by The Pokémon Company, as they decided to bring Dragapult as the next Attacker, to many gamers’ and Pokéfan’s dismay. Many wished this Pokémon to be a Speedster in the game.

Pokémon Unite Dragupult Urshifu release
Image via The Pokemon Company

Dragapult is a Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon from Generation VIII. It is a dual Dragon and Ghost-type Pokémon and has 3 evolutionary stages. Furthermore, the reports suggest that Mew’s successor to the attacker team would have all of its three evolutionary stages in the game. In the beginning, it would be a Dreepy, which would evolve into a Drakloak, and finally into the Dragapult.

Pokemon Unite upcoming All-rounder: Urshifu

Up next, the successor of Scizor in the team of All-rounders would be a Legendary Pokémon. The bipedal Legendary Pokémon would first be in its Kubfu form and would have both its Rapid Strike and Single Strike forms available in the game. Both forms would necessarily be Fighting types.

Pokémon Unite Dragupult Urshifu release

But, its secondary type would differ based upon the form that one would choose to have in the game. The Single Strike would be Fighting and Dark type, while the Rapid Strike would be Fighting and Water type. The further mechanics are yet to be revealed and rest assured to find them here when it arrives.

Final Thoughts

Sableye is yet to arrive in the game, despite its rumors long ago. The game has officially announced the Supporter’s arrival on the roster recently. Now with two more Pokémon to come soon, a wait for a Defender Pokémon now begins.

What are your thoughts on the release of Dragupult Urshifu in Pokémon Unite? Let us know in the comment section below!

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