Pokémon Unite ranked match bug is moving players to bot lobbies, dev team is working on a fix

A wild bug just appeared!

Pokémon Unite has come down with yet another game-breaking bug a day after the previous Lucario and Crustle bug was fixed. Only a few days since the release of the game on mobile devices, Pokémon Unite seems to be pestered with bugs adding fuel to the growing frustration of fans of the MOBA game as this bug seems to manipulate the result of a ranked match which is seemingly a victory clearly showing more points than the opponents’, but the result at the end declares defeat. Due to this, players get demoted even after having won the match, making it extremely frustrating for players looking to climb their ranks.

How the Pokémon Unite bug is manipulating the outcome of the ranked matches

The bug was spotted earlier by a player on Twitter who posted a video showing his team scoring 392 points while the opponents only scored 5 points. While the match was clearly a victory, the game still displayed a defeat despite the team having scored more points.

It was also observed that the opponents were not engaging in the game at all instead, they were seen roaming aimlessly around without trying to evolve, score or engage in combat. This strange behavior of opponents had a lot of fans of the game thinking if this could potentially be a hack or an exploit instead of a bug.

The Twitter user also claimed that the opponents were eager to surrender to end the game before it’s designated time however, it has since then come to light that the opponents were in fact, AI. This has only been observed so far to be occurring in higher ranks and the bug seems to have plagued both Switch and mobile devices causing players in Ultra and Masters to get demoted despite having secured a fair victory.

The bug occurs due to poor internet connection during which the players desync from the actual match, the server placing them in a bot match while simultaneously pitting them against real players basically putting the same players in two matches at the same time. The CPU version of the player plays against real players while the real version of the player plays against bots.

Due to this, the results screen shows the points players have scored in the bot match but the outcome of the match will be displayed in accordance with the actual match in which the bot versions of the players were facing real players.

Pokémon Unite dev team is workig to fix the ranked match bug

Although the bug isn’t very widespread yet, players who have experienced this are outraged at the unfairness of the losing despite having performed their best in the game. The Pokémon Unite devs responded to the fans’ growing anger acknowledging the bug and assuring them that they are looking into the matter.

A possible solution to fix this

It has been noted that clearing the game’s cache in players’ mobile devices can help fix the bug although they have still been warned to avoid playing ranked matches until the bug is fixed to avoid being demoted any further.

The frequent bugs in the game are making it a very unfavorable overall experience for players looking to enjoy a genuine Pokémon experience in the MOBA genre. Despite having received immense popularity and attention from fans around the globe, the reviews of the game seem to be declining due to the frequent occurrence of game-breaking bugs which seems to be ruining the MOBA experience for Pokémon fans.

However, the Pokémon Unite team was very efficient in fixing the Lucario and Crustle bug which gives the players hope that this bug will be fixed in a short while too. In the meanwhile, players are advised to avoid playing ranked until the bug is fixed to avoid any further demotion.

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