Project DX based on the Durango IP is officially revealed by Nexon

Enter the Wild Lands, once again

The Durango IP, which started off with Durango Wild Lands, a popular title that was unfortunately killed off in 2019, is now back as Project DX, an MMORPG with similar crafting and survival elements and we have a teaser trailer of sorts from Nexon games to officially announce this. We reported the development of a Durango-based title in August 2021, and now finally it is official after almost one and a half years.

Back to and Beyond the world of Durango 

In a video released (attached below) by Nexon Korea, we are introduced back to the world of Durango and although details are scarce right now, we know that just like Durango Wild Lands, Project DX is a role-playing title with multiplayer elements.

Now this game isn’t exactly a surprise as job listings led to this news being leaked more than a year ago with Nat games, Nexon’s subsidiary, putting together a team under their DX studios with veterans from titles like V4, Overhit, and HIT to work on Project DX. 

durango wildlands is shutting down
Image via NEXON

Hopefully, Nat games will be able to work upon the fallacies that Wild Lands has so that they can give Project DX a fighting chance in a market already filled up with MMORPGs. While there wasn’t much information about the shutdown of the 2018 title, many suspect it was because the popularity the game garnered wasn’t enough to keep it going.

A Reddit post by u/HeavenMF goes into some details and deliberation about the end of Durango Wild Lands and development on Project DX which we also reported last year.

It should be interesting to see where the developers go with this title and how it’s received by the community. So far, we don’t know too much about the development stage or elements in the game separating it from the previous one. However, all things considered, there should be a fair amount of hype for this title as we get closer to its release. 

What are your thoughts as NEXON finally revealed Durango Wildland-based Project DX? Let us know in the comments!

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Lady Sagitta

Super excited. Cant wait for the next update

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