Project RushB is now available for early access in selected regions

The game will soon be available for both Android and iOS!

Laser Edge Studios has released their new game, Project RushB for early access in selected regions. Project RushB is a 5v5 hero-based tactical FPS game with the core of the game focused on bomb defusal. Laser Edge Studios have now made the game available for early access in selected regions including the Philippines. 

Project RushB takes tactical FPS to next level with a 5v5 format

Project RushB is a 5v5 hero-based tactical FPS game, based on bomb defusal. The game is fast-paced, which means players can start playing the game anywhere and finish within 15 minutes. Players will go head to head against another team and try to diffuse the bomb before time to win. 

The game also features many heroes with distinct skills and abilities, each hero has 3 special skills, which prevents users from running out of special skills or abilities during the game and also brings variety to the game. Project RushB takes the tactical shooting game experience to another level with the 5v5 format, where players will be able to work together as a team of 5 where they will form strategies and diffuse the bomb.

Project RushB fast paced gameplay
Image via Laser Edge Studios

One game consists of 13 rounds, and the team that won 7 or more rounds wins the game. This is where coordinated teamwork and the right use of skills come to use to race against the clock and defeat the opponent team. 

Engage in the team-based action with realistic visuals

With the aim of providing a top-notch gaming experience to the users, Laser Edge Studios has developed Project RushB with their own graphics engine, this provides the game with visuals that resemble an action film, with intricate details on characters and weapons. 

Project RushB visuals
Image via Laser Edge Studios

Project RushB is now available for early access for Android in the Philippines, the development team has given no information on the global release of the game yet but it is safe to assume that the game might be available for everyone by the end of this year.

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