Protectors: Shooter Legends is a colorful arena shooter available as soft-launch in selected regions

Clash with other players in this 3D online shooting game

Protectors: Shooters Legends is a third-person action shooting game developed by Playkot LTD and is currently available as a soft-launch in select regions which include Cyprus and Canada. Players from these regions who fancy playing first-person and third-person shooting games and are fond of epic shooting arenas can check out this game in Google Play Store.

The game is an online third-person free-to-play shooting game with some awestruck and stylish colorful graphics that you will witness while playing Protectors: Shooter Legends.

Get access to dozens of Heroes by unlocking them and upgrading with their own unique guns and abilities

Protectors: Shooter Legends is an online multiplayer TPS and FPS shooting game where players can clash with other players in never-ending battles possessing unique guns and abilities in 10 exciting game modes. The unique modes consist of 4v4 PVP and PVE shooting battles in stunning locations.

The gameplay is set in a time when war, hunger, poverty, and various other horrors of the past have been left behind in the 21st century. The time is when medical technology has advanced and has increased lifespans and enriched everyone’s lifespan.

Protectors Shooter Legends
Image via Playkot LTD

At this point of time when humanity is witnessing its highest peak point in history, a great threat arrives of a previously unknown alien civilization that is capable of mimicking the appearances and abilities of any human.

Their main objective is to establish full control over the energy sources. As humanity is at stake, in deep secrecy an initiative has been launched with the code name- “Protectors” with the goal to ascertain the origin of the Enemy and save humanity from a dreadful fate.

Protectors: Shooter Legends allows gamers to choose their desired heroes and upgrade them with their own unique guns and abilities. As the game is an online multiplayer game, players can enjoy thrilling 4v4 PVP shooting battle games with players all over the world.

Protectors: Shooter Legends is available to play on Android in selected regions

As of now, Protectors Shooter Legends is available as soft-launch in Cyprus and Canada only. Gamers residing in those regions can download the game on their android devices and enjoy playing the 3D shooting colorful arena game. We will make sure to update the space as and when any news has been shared by the devs.

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