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PUBG Mobile 2.3 Beta version update: How to download and what’s new

The 2.3 beta is here and here's how you can play it!

PUBG Mobile, like always, is following its usual procedure of releasing a beta version of its upcoming updates for its players in order to smoothen out the gaming experience and fix the bugs if any, that players usually spot and report during this beta phase. The current beta is running for the PUBG Mobile update 2.3 which will be released shortly in the coming weeks.

PUBG Mobile 2.3 Beta version update patch notes

The very essence of a beta test or a beta version is for the developers to check and debug new features in the game based on the feedback of the players who take part in this test. This ensures that the game does not have any underlying issues when it is publicly released and players can therefore enjoy smooth gameplay. That being said, let us take a look at the changes which are going to come in the next update.

1. New Football Carnival mode

The Football Carnival mode is going to be the latest addition to the ever-growing number of modes that PUBG Mobile brings in every season. It will feature a kind of monument dedicated to football on the map which will include activities such as a football ground and minigames. Players will be able to receive greater amounts of loot there and score goals on the pitch to earn coins.

2. Speed-boosting boots

PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile boots
Image via KZ Gaming YT

In the upcoming event of PUBG Mobile, that is, the Football Carnival mode, there will be a special set of boots available for the player to pick up from the location of the football monument. These boots will greatly improve the speed and jumping ability of the player and make them a much easier target to kill. It will also help the player to rotate into the zone faster or escape from heated fights with a slim chance of winning.

3. Armoured vehicle in Livik

PUBG Mobile, Armoured vehicle
Image via KZ Gaming YT

In the Livik map, we will be able to see a fleet of unusable vehicles spawned across the map. These vehicles will display a health bar when close to them. On shooting them, they will be damaged until their rear doors come off, revealing a large amount of loot that was in the vehicle. The loot will be enough to fully gear up a player and is thus a very useful feature for early game phases.

4. New Flare Gun

PUBG Mobile, new Flare Gun
Image via KZ Gaming YT

In the 2.3 updates, a new type of Flare Gun will be available in the shop and will be exclusive to the Football Carnival event. The firearm bears the appearance of a regular Flare Gun except for the color, which is green instead of red. When fired, it will supply an airdrop in the form of a giant football which players will be able to kick and move around and use as cover even after it is looted.

5. Squad airdrops

PUBG Mobile 2.3 Beta version update
Image via KZ Gaming YT

This newest feature in the game looks like the most exciting one yet. When in the plan, a set of 4 airdrops will spawn on the map along with all the loot that a regular airdrop offers. This will gear up a squad instantly after landing. Therefore, it is fair to say that there will also be lots of fights to claim the drop which will make the early game phase more interesting.

How to download PUBG Mobile 2.3 beta version APK on Android

To download the beta version, follow the given steps:

  • Open the PUBG Mobile app.
  • Go to the Events tab.
  • Go to the Beta Invitation section
  • It will redirect you to a website that will generate a code and link.
  • Use the link to download the beta version.
  • Enter the generated code to register as a beta tester.

Or you can simply download it by clicking the suitable link below:

How to download PUBG Mobile 2.3 beta version on iOS

To download the iOS version, simply follow the steps given for the Android version from your iOS device. Or you can click this link. It is to be noted that the servers for the iOS beta version might not be up just yet and can take some time to function fully.


The beta version serves an important role in order to make the upcoming updates smooth and clear of any bugs and glitches. Player feedback is crucial, and PUBG Mobile developers are certainly keeping that in mind by taking their opinions into account from playing the beta test servers.

Are you excited about the brand-new 2.3 beta version update in PUBG Mobile? Let us know in the comments section below.

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