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PUBG Mobile announces new policy to restrict channels promoting hacks and cheats

Hacking related YouTube channels will be auto-restricted

PUBG Mobile, the game which started the battle royale phenomenon, boasts of one of the largest and most active player bases worldwide. Among the immense number of mobile gamers, a few unscrupulous players use hacks and cheats to win. To control unfair playing strategies, PUBG Mobile recently announced its new policy to restrict cheats and the channels promoting them.

Cheaters and hackers have been banned repeatedly by the developers of the game. The developers have always tried to keep the game neat and fair. They have now taken the step of permanently banning them automatically if they post videos promoting hacking on YouTube. However, this spiraled out of control, and many hackers misused it to upload videos promoting cheats so that the viewers could gain an unfair advantage.

How KRAFTON’s new policy will restrict channels that promote PUBG Mobile cheats

YouTube has been one of the major platforms used by mobile gamers worldwide to stream matches and show off their gameplay tactics. Many gamers use the online platform to share their gameplays which keeps the gaming community engaged. The videos released during the initial days following the game’s release were innocent tips and tricks that helped players improve their gameplay.

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Since these videos tend to go viral, the developers of PUBG Mobile posted a crucial message via the game’s official Discord channel. It mentioned that videos promoting hacks and cheats would automatically be restricted. If they fulfill any one of the following criteria, their channel will automatically be terminated without prior notice:

  • If the YouTuber has 1000 or fewer subscribers.
  • If the channel view count is less than 10,000.

The automatic monitoring system that has been deployed can automatically detect hacking/cheating-related phrases in the description/title of the video. Once caught, the channel falling under the above category will be terminated without any review.

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Image via KRAFTON

It was also mentioned that videos of players who use hacking phrases as their video title with the sole purpose of boosting views would also be terminated. The developers of PUBG Mobile have mentioned this time and again that they want to see healthy competition among players. This new step by them will ensure that players are safeguarded.

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